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How to align your SEO strategies to boost sales in holiday seasons

The beauty of SEO is that it is very dynamic, and you can give it the shape you want by creating the right strategies according to the changing marketing scenarios. Thus, it is important to rejig your SEO campaign to take advantage of the holidays and holiday season sales that constitute a significant revenue stream. Holidays are special for buyers as most of them engage in online shopping during holidays and use search engines extensively to buy items for hosting a holiday party or gifts and would even be interested in holiday recipes. You must be alert about the holidays on the calendar and be ready to create suitable SEO strategies to boost sales.

With the goal of attracting festive shoppers, you must prepare well to attract them to your website that displays various holiday items besides displaying the usual ware you routinely sell. That is only possible by optimizing SEO for the season or holidays. It does not mean overhauling the entire SEO strategy but instead tweaking a few parts would give you the desired mileage in marketing.  Even the specialists at Elite Results Marketing Little Rock SEO would endorse this approach to take advantage of holiday sales as they have been doing it for their clients. The little changes with help to gain a competitive edge without trying to do too many things that can often lead to confusion.

In this article, we will discuss how you should go about making small changes in your SEO strategy so that it drives more traffic and generates more leads and conversions.

Look for seasonal keywords

The keywords on which you base your overall SEO strategy will have to take a backseat during the festive and holiday seasons, and you must focus on new keywords packed with the seasonal flavor. It is must for attracting the holiday crowd. Consumers will be using specific keywords that relate to holidays and would be searching for gifts and other products that have a link to the holidays. To know which search terms users are mostly using during holidays you can use Google Trends. Start before the holidays commence and it would attract consumers who use those keyword phrases for searching much before the holiday begins. That should give you the advantage of generating holiday sales much before the actual days of festivities.

Stepping into the shoes of consumers would give you a better idea about the search terms and phrases they are likely to use during holidays. If you are targeting Black Friday and you sell electronics, the possible search terms could be ‘Black Friday Smart TVs,’ or ‘Free shipping deals for Cyber Monday.’ To make the search term more relevant, you can add the year to it that give hints about updated deals for consumers.

Create blog posts with holiday themes

Google has become the consumer’s best friend to guide them through the holiday season by providing tips and advice. To catch early consumers with appropriate content, you must use holiday themes for creating content so that consumers get the festive flavor that spices up their online experience. Start preparing long before the holidays by brainstorming for ideas for holiday themes around which you can create blog posts. The content must be related to your business and consumers should find it useful in solving problems. While the content must revolve around products that are relevant for the holidays you should also add more value to it by including advice and tips that makes it more interesting too.

Focus on the section of the audience that you want to target during the holidays so that you can move in the direction by creating buyer personas that align with the holiday content. Content will differ according to buyer personas as you would understand when you are targeting busy moms with one kind of content while you have different content for dads who are struggling with gifting ideas during the holiday season. Learn the art of placing keywords strategically across the content in a natural way so that your ideal customers can find it easily.

Create digital Holiday gift guides

Buying during holiday seasons revolve around holiday gift guides that have been available in the form of pamphlets and fliers for many years, and you must emulate it for online shoppers too by creating digital holiday gift guides. While consumers benefit from gift guides that provide a smooth shopping experience, marketers can derive SEO gains by featuring their products in the guide that shoppers are searching for. Users feel comfortable with gift guides because it decreases the number of clicks between your home page and product pages.

Ideally, you must create a separate webpage for holiday gift guide and get the best out of it, include seasonal keywords as well as phrases and links that give your gift guide a boost in search results. For obtaining more mileage from the gift guide, you can feature it on other publications and websites that link back to your site and generates an additional stream of traffic.

Target smartphone users

The smartphones have impacted buyer behavior considerably as they can wait until the last moments before engaging in shopping. That has been an established shopping trend during holidays when smartphone users make a last moment dash to buy something. The impact of the change in buyer behavior reflects inthe reduced footfall in brick and mortar stores during Black Friday Sales. Instead of spending long hours in the stores, people favor shopping on their smartphones in micro-moments. Google’s study shows that 54% of online holiday shoppers prefer to buy by using their smartphones whenever they find time during the day. They might start shopping when standing a queue or traveling on a bus.

Ensuring that you have a mobile friendly website with responsive design is essential to win over mobile customers will help to get a cutting edge in competition during holiday sales as well as at other times too.

The above steps are simple to implement and should enable your website to hold the center stage during holiday seasons.