Choosing SEO tools for your business website: Scribe vs. SEO Smart Links

There are many tools that can be used to improve a business’s SEO effort; Scribe and SEO Smart Links are two of the most popular, preferred by entrepreneurs managing their online businesses. These tools are used to help a website build contextual links within related websites. These sites improve visibility of the site both within those sites and on search engines.

SEO Smart Links


This is an automated service which is programmed to sense specific phrases or words on the site and convert them to links. These links are then directed to blog posts or articles published in the past according to the relevance of the content offered. This will help both content pieces to have a better ranking for organic search engines.

SEO Smart Links come with a host of options for configuration, such as encouraging linkage with certain keywords and preventing with others. On activation, this service doesn’t require you to edit any content; it can scan through and inter-link appropriately.


Unlike the previous tool, Scribe has more analytics features in addition to the automated linking available with SEO Smart Links. It offers better performance since it also includes manual linking options which can help you to place keywords in a more relevant and search-friendly way.

Scribe can also analyze the website or ecommerce store and offer recommendations according to competition for and popularity of certain keywords as well as performance of already installed links. This makes for easier assessment, since SEO manual assessment can be rather time consuming.

Other considerations

SEO Smart Link comes with a free package and a premium package acquired on payment of a one-time fee. This gives you unlimited access to the tool, including a higher quality of the content analyzer tool, which results in higher value links.

Scribe is only available as a premium service with a monthly subscription fee. The amount payable depends on the amount of work that you need to use the tool to assess/analyze. It is therefore more suitable where you have limited content requiring optimization.

If you are just starting out, you should use the free version of SEO Smart Links for trial, and upgrade to the premium version if you like it. Scribe is recommended for those seasoned enough in SEO. For online businesses, Scribe offers more and better analytics which will be worth the investment made. If you’re, however, just writing a blog for fun, then the former would better serve your needs since it is cheaper.