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Consider these web designing trends for your business website

If you are a business owner or start-up entrepreneur today, having a website is essential! It is going to be your first reference point for your online viewers and customers, who want to know more about your business, products, activities, and plans. And the way your website gets designed has an impact on the online viewers and others, who are quick to develop an opinion about your brand. Research indicates that 50 milliseconds for a person to form an opinion about your website.


Since the online world gets marked by increased competition today, it is essential for brands to make their websites appear distinctive. For this, they can opt-in for the expert service providers that offer with advanced web designing and other allied services. Names like Grant Mcarthur SEO can be of immense help. You can check that online for more information.


Also, it is essential to stay tuned with the best and essential web designing trends! Four such trends that you shouldn’t overlook when you are designing your website are as follows:


  1. Always consider the video element

Videos attract more attention than plain old content. It is no new secret! And the online world today is fast becoming a platform driven by videos.  Experts estimate that by 2021, video content will add up to almost 82% of all the online traffic. And it is important to give sufficient importance to this trend. But videos also bring with it a world of pros and cons.


First things first – Video promotions are indeed costly! It also needs excess time, resources as well effort from your end.  But you can manage that bit, provided you fix a consolidated budget both for video content and video promotions. When you add in useful promotional videos to your website, it helps in generating more customers than ever. If you have interesting content, a video adds to it and helps your customers form a favorable opinion about you.


For instance, if your brand sells a conceptual service or product, developing video content is crucial. It can include anything from product use to the demonstration to the “How to” videos. According to research by the Video Explainers, when you add video content to your website, it can maximize your chance to rank in the first page of Google search by about 53 times more. And the more people notice you in the first-page search results in search engines, the better they perceive about your brand. Hence, good video content helps to increase brand awareness, recall as well as increase customer goodwill.


  1. Opt-in for the long form immersive multimedia

Today, every entrepreneur is engrossed in trying to find ways to enhance the customer-to-brand experience. One of the ways is to bring your service/programs/products to life. The idea is to provide the client with an immersive experience that can only be possible with long-form media content. Simply put, any multimedia content is much vivid and striking than a blog or Infographic. It enables the users at large to almost envision the experience of using your product. And that itself leads to the purchasing decision.

Do you want to motivate to buy your products without wasting much time? If yes, then you can go ahead and elucidate all your skills and other relevant points in multimedia content and provide them with an immersive experience. 


Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, then all you need to do custom the layout and enhance it with maps, video, graphs, sound and charts, and other similar elements to explain a story. Today, several brands are welcoming this advanced storytelling technique to engage more customers. You can make use of videos to tell a story and add more names to your list of the customer base.


  1. Consider the new age content hubs

Today, the demand for data is constant. It makes rich content one of the quick ways for generating leads. It also helps in creating brand recognition. Are you aware of the type of data that your target customers are searching? Can you provide them with this data?  And if you have answered yes, chances are you have unlocked a unique and advanced content marketing technique. You can call them web books similar to many brands.


For instance, if your brand is an expert in the art of applying stage makeup, you can utilize this web designing trend and create a web book on the subject. The information you share will be beneficial to your customers. They will turn on you more when they need help on the stage make-up queries. And once you have finished compiling the same, you convert these into PDF files and add to your website. It will help the audience your site as one that is keen to provide help through authentic information and ample demonstration of it as well.


  1. Say yes to the principles-first design

No one can be Ray Dalio, the celebrated author of “Principles: Life and Work.” However, there is a chance that most businesses can try to follow the footsteps. Are you wondering if that has anything concerning web designing? The principles that direct your service/product can also direct your website designing method as well.


For instance, an online user comes across your website having no idea about your business. Your brand and website are synonymous for this user. Since the marketing department has already developed a lead, it is now your accountability to make sure that your site effectively presents the values and vision that your business supports.


And to translate this into reality, you will have to make sure that your web designer has an in-depth idea about your company values.  You should update the web designer on this very early so that he can start incorporating the elements as he begins his web designing process. Hence, arrange that client to service provider discussion to update the web designer on your company values and also answer all his/her queries attached to this.


If you want your online customers to pay attention to your website, it is essential to design it according to the existing trends. The idea is to cater to the audience choice and also introduce something unique. Keep the above-discussed trends handy as you design a website to experience increased web traffic and website recall value.