Content Marketing and SEO: The Jack and Jill of Internet Marketing Success

No single online marketing strategy can be effective by itself; every technique feeds off the other, ultimately gearing towards improving online visibility and brand awareness. The broader your effort, the more likely you are to succeed in your online marketing.

If for instance your greatest traffic comes from email marketing, you can use social media marketing to broaden your audience, improve awareness and get more new signups. Organic SEO can drive new traffic onto your site, from where you can convert the visitors in to subscribers, and content marketing can increase your online authority, which builds you back link profile and drives higher traffic while improving your organic ranking.

Many site owners forget that digital marketing techniques feed off each other, and thus they lose out on a lot more opportunities. Below is a list of three ways that SEO can help content marketers perform better:

  1. Introducing new ideas


Even before content creation, SEOs can help the content marketer to identify high-return opportunities. SEOs know site performance, major and minor keywords that are trending as well as the competitors of site, and they can help the content marketer to pinpoint unexploited/underexploited gaps for content creation.

SEOs can also help with the identification of related high authority sites, opportunities for content promotion in relevant websites, especially if they are adept at link building. This makes content marketing easier by enabling strategies that will encourage sharing, linking and raising awareness – the main goals of content marketing.

  1. SEO best practices during content creation

As you increase your investment in content marketing, you’ll need more input from an SEO. By creating SEO-optimized content, you will improve organic rankings of your content, which can in turn help you achieve the objectives of your content marketing campaign: driving company messages, creating brand awareness, driving sales and many more.

  1. Content promotion

In the absence of marketing, content is just content. Hence, creating high quality interesting and relevant content according to SEO practices is only half the job. A content marketer should build opportunities through which to promote their content, and SEO techniques are very effective for this.

For instance, link-building is one great way to promote your content, as is guest blogging and posting on high authority article directories, all of which can be made easier by the input/skills borrowed from search engine optimization.