Content marketing – why it is so important for SEO and how to do it correctly?

It would seem cliché to repeat that good content is essential for keeping the SEO kicking. However, like any other vital assertions, one cannot help reiterating it. Since content has the power of making or breaking your SEO campaign you have to take extra care in creating high-quality, unique content. Having done it, you have just touched the starting line because you have yet not run the race. It means that creating and publishing content is not an end in itself as you have still more important things to do for attracting viewers who would consume it, opines the expert at TrafficDom SEO. This is where content distribution and marketing comes into play.

Good content, no matter how superlative it might be would not grab eyeballs on its own. You have to take measures to ensure that people turn to it.  Studies have revealed that the majority of content simply does not merit any attention of viewers. This brings to light how important it is to highlight the content in front of the audience through proper promotion.

To fulfill your objective of getting links, earning shares, grabbing eyeballs and enjoying conversions you must take suitable actions that drive traffic to the website. And the only way is to promote the content aggressively that in turn strengthens the SEO campaign. For promoting content, you have to take a methodical approach, and in this article, we will discuss some of the ways of doing it.

Reach out to people who would share the content

One very interesting aspect of the internet is that you would always find some mates out there who are ready to help you. All you have to do is to identify whom these people are and ensure that they take notice of your content. For identifying people who are likely to share your content, you must first look for people who are sharing content similar to yours. There are high chances that once brought to their notice; they would be keen to share your content too, assuming that it is attractive and valuable.

Select a suitable search tool that helps to identify similar content online by providing insight about the sharing metrics that should be helpful. Use a relevant search phrase to generate a list that reveals the post that has received the highest shares.  Follow it up by going through the list of everyone who shared the article. In the process, you could identify anyone who you could approach for sharing your article too. Depending on the merit of your content, you stand a good chance of earning links.

Boost your content by using the power of influencers

Although this method might sound similar to the earlier one, it is not the same. In this method, you have to find out first the experts related to the topic of your content.  Having identified someone, you can request him/ her to provide a quote that you can add to your content. The next step is to convince them to share the content containing the quote.   A website like Klout can come in handy when you are searching for influencers who can give a boost to your content. It is an excellent way of garnering wide attention for the content and at the same time earning a very valuable contact that can go a long way in your SEO endeavors.

Ask websites that you have linked to share your content

One innovative way of finding influencers who could share your content is to stay connected to well-established sites, which are rich resources of information by inserting their links in your content. By including the website links in your content, you are guiding viewers towards more valuable resources that could help them to explore the topic further. Another gain is that when you approach the resources citing that you have used their link in the content, you can request them to share your content, which could result in enormous sharing. This method works efficiently when other things seem not to work in your favor.

Take advantage of various media

When creating content, bear in mind that you should not stick to text-based content only as it would limit your ability to use various media for promoting it. Create content by mixing textual content with videos, infographics, podcasts, etc. so that you get a wider reach and more avenues of reaching out to the audience. Also, you can create more engaging content that could add variety to the method of presentation.  If textual content does not attract any traffic, converting it into videos and podcasts could bring success. You can create content on other media and then link it back to yourself.

How well viewers receive the content depends on how well you can present it to them.