Ecommerce SEO Tips from SEO Expert Nashik

E-commerce is a growing business all over the world, and thanks to this fast growing popularity among the target customers, many companies have either started or planning to start selling their products online very soon. Like every other business, level of competition is very high in e-commerce field as well. Unless you pay proper attention to search engine optimization, people won’t find your site when they will search for the products you sell. Here are some e-commerce SEO tips for the entrepreneurs. You can also hire an SEO expert Nashik to take care of your website’s SEO.

Try to get more reviews: We always hear about the importance of unique content from Google and when it comes to ecommerce business “reviews” can help you generate fresh content for each product page regularly. Ask the right questions to your consumers and they will write reviews happily. For example, you can mail to a customer asking “Are you happy with the smartphone you bought? Kindly share your thoughts with us.” Customer feedback is read by first time buyers and hence, it increases number of page views.

Handle out of stock pages carefully: Poor bounce rate is an indication of customer dissatisfaction and “out of stock” product pages can send negative signals to Google is you don’t take care of them professionally. Once a product is out of stock, instead of writing “not available”, you may write “back in stock in X days”. Similarly, you can request the customer to share his/her email address so that you can send a mail when the product is available once again. The most intelligent option is however showing customers similar products in thumbnail format and leading them to other pages so that they don’t leave the site.

Don’t forget rich snippets: When people search a product in Google, they read the rich snippets in the search results to decide which page they should visit. Therefore, include rich snippets in your website immediately. It will help Google understand the items you sell and also boost CTR rapidly.

Make the site mobile friendly: Millions of customers buy various products using their mobile phones. So, if your website design is not responsive, you will lose thousands of customers every day. You can either invest in a responsive ecommerce website or you can develop a separate mobile website to meet the requirements of the customers. However, any SEO expert will tell you that instead of creating one desktop and one mobile site, it is always better to develop a single, responsive ecommerce site as it simplifies the search engine optimization process.

So, these are the top four e-commerce SEO tips for you. Do you think I missed something? I will be happy to know how you made your ecommerce site search engine friendly. Share your thoughts.