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Three magic words: search engine optimization can make your business dreams come true

The combination of the thoroughfare and the small-town charm make Brooklyn the perfect place for setting up a business. Glossy designer stores, colorful fashion boutiques, thrift stores, bars, and restaurants line both sides of the city streets in the busiest business borough of New York. There is no time during the day when the roads are empty, and the shops are closed. From happy families completing their holiday shopping to suit-clad business executives finishing up their client meet at restaurants, Brooklyn has it all. It is not just another excellent business location, but a brand. You can slap “Brooklyn” on any label, and it can become a quirky lifestyle brand soon. It has become a mark of quality and status for the millennial shopper. 

The borough is a great place to start a business, but at the same time, is it the right location for sustaining one? What are the chances that your new shop or service will survive the neck-to-neck competition the already established brands put forth? Over 75% of the startups and small business in New York shut shops within the first five years of starting. So, what can you do to secure the future of your entrepreneurial dreams? With the exploding list of DIY entrepreneurs, it is indeed difficult to carve a presence for oneself in the market. However, Brooklyn, NY is now the nexus of new brand launches, new store openings and the announcement of new businesses. That makes it especially difficult for entrepreneurs to see the success they initially expect.

You may have considered opening shop in Brooklyn because it is right outside Manhattan. The sea of customers eventually flows into the Brooklyn streets after office hours. It is also a smart option for any new business owner since it is a much cheaper and roomier alternative to the corporate hub of New York. However, how well your business will thrive will depend upon quite a few factors besides the initial investment, accessibility of vendors, daily footfall and traditional branding strategies. We know it is hard to believe looking at the of customers beelining to the competing stores right in front of you, but there is more to business than traditional investment and land-based marketing.

Why should every new business in Brooklyn consider SEO?

First, answer this. Have you ever searched your store name in Google? Has your website always showed up in the first place? Next, have you tried searching for similar businesses, services or products in Brooklyn? Has your store’s name showed up within the first few search results? If your store traffic has tapered off in recent times, then the chances are that your website is not ranking high enough in Google for your customers to take notice. Visit the Brooklyn SEO Vigor Seorchers to find out more about your site. Believe it or not, having a high ranking site is more effective than having a jumbo-sized neon glow signon 5th Avenue and Broadway!

You will remain visible to the new customers

If you are serving a young customer base, you can be sure that they are checking your business and service quality online before stepping into your store. Now, you cannot blame new customers for not knowing your name. They will search with keywords like “dinner restaurant in Brooklyn” or “best hair salon in Brooklyn.” Your website should have the ability to show up for these rather “generic” searches related to your field of service or your products. That means optimizing your site with enough relevant, informative and descriptive content so your target users can always find you during online searches. The process of optimizing a website for the local clientele is popular as local SEO.

SEO will help you rank higher on Google SRLs

There was a time when SEO was easy, and all it needed was the presence of high volume keywords, high density of backlinks and a flurry of codes that could attract the search engine spiders. The ranking used to be much easier through such black hat techniques before Google launched the Penguin update. The Hummingbird update made the process of optimization even trickier for those new to the realm of SEO. Several high ranking sites lost thousands of visitors in one day due to sudden changes in algorithms and the preferences of the search engine bots. The advent of RankBrain, along with the presence of Hummingbird in today’s SEO landscape finally gives the new businesses a fair chance to win the game.

SEO will make your business accessible online

SEO is all about pleasing your customers in Brooklyn, remaining visible and helpful 24/7. Even if its recess time for your service, these people can get all the information they need from your online presence. That can include your hours of operation, official website, contact details, address, exact location and reviews from other loyal customers. Statistics show that over 80% of the customers rely on online reviews from fellow customers while buying new products or hiring services. People will try to look for your business on Facebook and third-party business sites like yelp before they walk into your store or give you a call. Therefore, remaining visible at all times plays a critical role in business profits. Today, business is all about customer satisfaction, and the only way to please them always is to remain accessible and approachable at all times.

What should you do?

So, whether you are already running a hair salon on the Park Slope streets or looking forward to opening an art gallery in Williamsburg, you will need the help of SEO experts to attract the attention of the relevant crowd. Without telling people about your geographic location, it is impossible for them to find you and visit you among the thousands of similar shops and outlets offering related services. Very few shoppers have the time to go around looking in all the shops right now. People want to enter a shop with a clear idea of what the place offers and how they would like to spend their money. Therefore, all you need to do to help your business pick up the pace is catalyze your existing SEO campaign. If you are a new business, you should look into hiring the best SEO agency your money can buy for offering an exquisite experience to your clients