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What Google’s John Muller has to say about dark mode SEO?

Dark mode websites are the in-thing, and the feature is now everywhere from Android 10 to iOS 13. From Chrome to Firefox and from Safari to Edge, browsers have embraced dark mode by bringing automatic dark modes to websites. It is by using a special feature of prefers-colour-scheme. Dark mode websites are pretty cool, and some sites offer that mode. But it is an option that users must enable on their device to view the website in that mode. For the convenience of users, iOS13 and Android 10 have this mode enabled and can automatically enable it.

Creating dark mode

Today it is part of the operating system (OS).  Users can switch over to it so that they can view every website in that mode. It is pleasing for the eyes and good for its health too. Users can now switch over in that mode even on the go to see how bright colors get inverted, and the enhanced contrast makes it easy to read at night. It reduces eye strain and enhances visual ergonomics.  However, the power of websites to switch over to this mode depends on using a unique design feature named prefers-colour-scheme. That supports the automatic transition.

The advent of the mode gives more options to users. It is a step for improving the user experience, which has been the cornerstone for SEO because it is paramount for search engines.

Dark mode and SEO

Do dark mode websites need special SEO considerations? This was the question under discussion by Google’ John Muller recently during the Google Webmaster Central hangout on October 18. Those aware of the SEO developments will understand the importance of the question by considering the fast-rising popularity of this mode websites.  According to Muller, there must not be any distinction between dark mode websites and regular websites with respect to implementing SEO. Hence, there is no need for any special SEO considerations.  Websites having this mode differ from regular sites in the manner of implementing CSS, and since there is no link between CSS and website crawling by search bots for indexing, there is no impact on SEO.

The dark mode is not a ranking factor

Muller clarified that this is not a ranking factor. However, if most websites move over to the mode someday, it could make sense to serve this mode sites to users provided their devices were also set in it, but it is still a far cry.  Dark mode websites have nothing special besides its appearance, and as all SEO aspects remain equal, there is no harm to create dark mode websites. Instead, Muller considers it impressive and insists that people can go for it.

What the future has in store is yet not known, but it is still interesting to think about that day when all websites would turn dark. As of now, the appearance of the website does not have any impact on SEO because it is the functional elements that drive SEO makes all the difference.