3 Great Keyword Tools Your SEO Expert should be using

Keyword Explorer

Keywords are the currency online marketers use and it is important to have the best strategy in choosing and using them.  The importance of search engine ranking for your targeted keywords cannot be overemphasized. If you are using the keyword tools available it is highly likely that you have chosen the right words and phrases to target your audience. Whether you are running a PPC campaign, producing videos or updating content you must have a keyword strategy.

Keyword tools help you to determine the appropriate keyword for your content. With so many keyword options available your SEO consultant will deploy these tools to guarantee your pages are ranking highly on (SERPs) search engine result pages. Well, Google is now restricting access to its Keyword Planner unless you have an active account and it is time to look for alternative keyword tools.

Here are some of the popular keyword tools your SEO expert should be applying:

  1. Moz

This one is a no-brainer and every serious SEO strategist out there is already using Moz. The recently launched keyword explorer is a great addition to the rich SEO suite by Moz and it makes it easier to narrow down your search to any location in the world. You can search question phrases with your keyword and the results come with even more suggestions, search volume, domains ranking for the keyword and keyword difficulty level.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush boasts a large database covering 26 countries. Its keyword tool leverages this treasure trove to give users a keyword ideas, estimated cpc and search volume, difficulty score and domains ranking for this keyword.

  1. Ahrefs

This keyword tool is an addition to Ahref’s renowned organic traffic dashboard and backlink reporting. The powerful keyword research platform is more accurate than other tools around and in fact it is among the most popular paid keyword tools.

There are others which deserve mention including Scrapebox, Wordstream, Bing, KWFinder and 7Search among others. Whatever you do make sure your new or existing website leverages the huge data available on these tools.   The keyword you select largely determines how your SEO strategy works out so make sure your SEO consultant is using the right tools.