The Most Important Reasons for You to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is regarded as a brilliant tool that could be used for effectively monitoring the progress, as well as, the performance of any website. Google Analytics is essentially a free tool that could be utilized for tracking information about how the visitors to a specific website are interacting with it. Google Analytics is mandatory for any SEO campaign because it is necessary for tracking the performance of all your keywords. This would help you in having a successful campaign. Moreover, you would know precisely how much traffic is diverted to your website thanks to each keyword. Google Analytics is known to give you total access to a whole new wealth of information about your site visitors, like never before.

Track Social Engagement Productivity

Social analytics is supposed to be one of Google Analytics’ latest features. Social engagement is of utmost importance in the current online marketing scenario. Social marketing is regarded as an integral element of today’s online marketing campaigns. Your social campaigns must necessarily include one or some of the popular social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Keeping track of all the information related to your social media activities could be a challenging task even for the experienced veteran marketers. Fortunately, you have access to the free tool, Google Analytics that has introduced the effective social tool which allows you to keep tracking the performance on various social network platforms.

Measure Accurately Mobile Browsing Impact

An increasing number of people are browsing the Internet using their mobiles. It is being forecasted that mobile net users would be surpassing the number of desktop Internet users. This is precisely why webmasters are being persuaded to make their websites even more mobile-friendly simply by offering an option for converting web page viewing into mobile view. With the latest mobile feature, you would be easily tracking the impact and influence of mobile users directly on your online business. If you find that majority of the visitors are coming from mobile, you would have enough reason to start formatting your website contents properly so that it becomes a lot easier in terms of mobile browsing and mobile viewing.

Analyze Web Content Performance

Web content is supposed to be one of the most important traffic drivers. In case your online shop is devoid of any content but has varied products, visitors would be having second thoughts about the web store’s credibility. Your website would seem highly commercial and may give a wrong message. So, you need to have a unique content and you must regularly update web contents. It is also essential to go on monitoring the productivity of your posts. By using the content analysis feature of Google Analytics, you are now able to determine exactly which content or post gets you the maximum social engagement and greatest number of comments. You could now even keep track of the post that captures the maximum page views.


The Google Analytics surely is equipped with cutting-edge features and tools which are able to greatly enhance the effectiveness of online marketing business. Moreover, you have access to the massive resource of data and information that are vital to the success of your business. The data thus, obtained would be assisting you in determining the strengths and weaknesses of any marketing campaign. This would give you the much-needed opportunity to make all the necessary changes to your online campaign. So, the multiple benefits of using Google Analytics simply cannot be undermined.