A Look at Google Update November 2019

According to reliable sources, there is anticipation that a Google update is “underway.” Most importantly, this update has affected a few of the major niches in the industry. SEO and digital marketing professionals from all domains have expressed their views, some of them expressing neutral views; while others have gone on to say that this update has adversely impacted their rankings.

Alan Bleiweiss, who is the forensic SEO expert in the industry. He revealed that since he monitors as many as 47 websites all from different domains, the following details have come to light. He further went on to state that he noted down the following impacts-

  • Recipes
  • Travel websites
  • Tech news sites
  • Skincare affiliate
  • Alternative healthcare segment
  • The mental health knowledge base and directory

It may be mentioned here that not all the above niches were adversely affected. While few witnessed a surge in the ranking, few others have faced a downside. However, as far as the dropping of ranking is concerned, it was not more than 50%.

It is also a well-known fact that the search engine major does not target any particular niche or segment. It is worth being mentioned here that the websites related to recipes are a segment, which is very much organized, and any upheavals in the search engine updates or algorithms are pronounced in this segment.

And this is one of the reasons why the recipe bloggers and community first notified the impact of this update. At least 47 recipe blogs recorded losses as a result of this update.

Travel websites and community

Travel websites also witnessed upheavals. One website owner stated that his website experienced a drop in web traffic by as much as 30%. Not only that, but it has also been reported that many well-performing travel websites experienced a significant downside.

First-time sufferers

Many also reported that despite Google’s updates that took place earlier, they managed to escape the wrath of the updates and changes in the algorithm. However, with this November 2019 update, some companies and bloggers have experienced the wrath for the first time.

According to one first-time sufferer, the following tweet is proof enough-

“I’m down 25% organic in the last two days. I’ve seen the positive impacts of every precious algo update”.

One of the members of Facebook did not hesitate to express his annoyance as he revealed that his website that is seven years old never slipped to the second position. However, with this update, he had to be content with the website’s ranking that fell to two and three.

One of how he could assess the ranking from the impact of November 2019 Google update was by using content analysis tools that returned SERPs from which he could ascertain the changes and upheavals.

There was yet another member of Facebook that stated that he experienced downtime of web traffic by as much as 20% following the update.

As per Mozcast, a spike was noticed starting from November 5th, 2019, that was wholly manifested a few days later. It was being the most notable on November 7th, 2019.