How to get the best results for SEO while on a budget

SEO is the practice of promoting your website and improving its ranking on search engines o that you can generate more traffic thereby increasing your sales volumes. Many small to medium sized enterprises find themselves left out when it comes to SEO since they do not have the kind of unlimited budgets that their counterparts have.

However, even for the startup and SMB, there are a few techniques that they can use to improve their SEO and better compete for search engine traffic.

  1. Don’t put your sight too high

As an SMB, focus your keyword research on words that do not have too much competition. For instance, your SEO expert India can use locally-focused words for starters. If your plumbing business is in Mumbai, you can use ‘Mumbai plumber’ and other like keywords.

If your business exists online, choose your specific niche and match your research to that niche. You also need to be realistic about the time aspect; it will take about 1-2 months before you get visible results, and even longer if you don’t devote adequate time and effort towards SEO.

  1. Build your credibility

Search engines are very skeptical about businesses that lack credibility. Even if you have a small budget, save up a few months’ marketing allocations to invest in a professional looking website design with all your contact information and brand building designs in place.

If you have a website already, spend the money to get it revamped to ensure that you look credible, even if your turnover does not say so. Think about ways you can optimize the site: content creation with keywords optimized is something you can do. Brainstorm about topics and provide your audience with the highest quality content to keep them returning for more.

  1. What’s in your hands?

Before going outside, ensure your in-house is perfect. Is your site search-friendly? Is it easily navigable and logically structured? Do you have site maps? How good is the load time? Just like you clean up before having a party in your house, ensure your website is perfect. You can install free tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to help you with this as well as to keep track of various aspects of your site’s performance.

  1. Building links

Lastly, once you have the three in place, devote your next allocations to hiring a trusted SEO expert India to help you with building natural/organic links to your site. No matter what, steer clear of Black hat SEO techniques and any shady suggestions because these could land you a penalty with the search engines, negating all your good work.