SEO Challenges for E-commerce Sites-Part I

While search engine optimization can be a challenging field, it is much more so for an e-commerce site owner. You have to deal with constantly adding fresh pages and improving your inventory, and it gets difficult to stay on top of SEO as the site grows larger and multiple people handle it.

Small changes to a site can have a large impact on SEO for a site hence you have to be careful for the small stuff on your e-commerce site to maintain high ranking status. Below are two aspects to be careful about:

  1. Product descriptions

PDs are ecommerce site owners’ worst nightmare. You have to have unique product descriptions for every single item. This is easy if you offer custom-made products, but say you’re offering electronics, made by some world-renown manufacturer. You only have the same features to go with as all other vendors and you have to find a way to express it uniquely.

The worst thing you can do is to have the manufacturer’s description as your PD. Try to make every description unique and offer users all the information necessary to make a potential buyer make a decision. While you should have an image, it’s not in itself enough, because images are not visible to search engines. Ensure you text is up-to-snuff – eliminate duplicate content, plump out description that are too thin, and have unique content for every single, yes, every single item on stock.

  1. Product pages

There are two ways to optimize your product pages. First, there’s top-of-funnel optimization for potential buyers searching using general product names like TV or LED TV. This is the most commonly used optimization scheme. However, you should also optimize further down, targeting users who know exactly what they want, with brand names, model numbers and everything.

You can direct the first to your broad category pages, and the latter to the specific products according to the search terms. Long-tail keyword optimization is where SEO is at now, so don’t neglect them in favor of highly competitive short-tail keywords. Ensure proper optimization of your reviews and descriptions.