How a SEO Company Can Help You Leverage Your Customer Care Desk to Boost SEO

Customer Care Desk

Did you know that your company’s customer care desk is a gold mine in terms of helping you boost your company website’s search engine optimization efforts? If you did not, now you know; your customer support desk is the one place where all your potential and current customers pass through when they need information about your products and services.

It is at this desk that they raise their concerns, offer their input on how your products/services can be improved, and even say what they like most about your products. It is also at this very desk that they ask questions and even notify you about issues with your website.

This information is so weighty and invaluable that it would be a sin to ignore it when strategizing your SEO campaign. This kind of information you cannot get anywhere else, even if you use the latest research technologies. This is why any SEO Company that is keen on making your website a success will first ask to get an open and direct line to your customer care desk.

How to Use the Customer Care Data and Information for SEO

1.  Keywords and Keyword Phrases

To start with, you should always record the questions asked on the customer care desk. This is because they give you an insight in to the kind of terms and keyword phrases that your customers use to refer to your products. You can then use these keywords to rank your website.

2.  Better Web Content

You can also use the same questions as a guide as well as to consolidate the most asked questions, so that you can write deep and highly informative articles about your products or services. You can also use this information to make videos and infographics that will help your customers understand your products/services better.

3.  Link Building

When you provide quality and informative content on your website, your customers will tell their friends about your company. They do this via multiple platforms, from the social networks, to blogs, among others. In order to share this information, they add links to your site in their posts and comments bringing in a lot of links to your site. What an easy way to build quality back links!

The Bottom Line

As clearly indicated by these simple activities, your customer care desk is an important part of your SEO efforts. Therefore, hire an SEO Company that understands this to maximize your gains and speed up your ranking success.