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How can real estate investors optimize a PPC campaign?

Managing to rank on the Google page one search results is challenging! And using only SEO won’t suffice. You will have to count on PPC. Google is known to play occasionally with its organic results and the layout. And just in case your real estate business isn’t a part of it, you will find your leads getting affected negatively.

Real estate can be defined as a physical product. Hence, real estate investors willing to make use of PPC should stay in the place they are targeting geographically. Usually, successful PPC for real estate investors needs a plan.

You have to follow a set of essential guidelines to optimize a real estate PPC campaign. A few important points are as follows:

  1. Use your brand terms to bid

Real estate investors often debate whether or not to use the brand terms for bidding. For the real estate sector and investors, the process of discovery is distinctive. And it needs a significant investment on the branded terms. The real estate search, on the other hand, tries to know more about the communities and locations in several ways, such as:

  • Craigslist
  • A guide on the apartment
  • Physical signs
  • Information shared by a friend or co-worker

If yours is a real estate investment firm, you need to know that your branded terms will ensure maximum lead conversion. Hence, it is essential to make use of it in smart ways.

  1. Don’t hate the negative keywords

The negative keywords might be described as the search criteria, which will stop your real estate ad from getting highlighted. For example, there might be a few real estate property types in which you have zero interest. Hence, it is essential that you categorize it as negative keywords. It will benefit you. Whenever a user makes a search using those terms, your business advertisement will not show up at all.

  1. Try to avoid the matches with other city keywords

Not every city name is considered unique. Neither are several community brand names distinctive. The task here is to eliminate the clicks that get generated from the various city searches. To ensure this, you can follow a very simple strategy. You need to develop a different list of negative keywords for the State abbreviations.  And this work effectively to weed a vast amount of the un-targeted and duplicate searches.

  1. Consider the local extensions

It is considered to be a secure guess for a local real estate business. Here you need to mention the following details:

  • The overall distance to your business location and also the city
  • The street address
  • A clickable button to denote the “call.”

There should also be clickable access to a webpage with all the details about the location. There should also be access to other data like customer ratings, business hours, company directions, phone number, images and many more.

Optimizing a PPC campaign for a real estate business needs sustained effort and smart strategy making. When you count on the tactics mentioned above, you can plan and execute your PPC campaign to perfection.