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SEO after the Pandemic: Opportunities You Should Start Working on Immediately

The situation of our world is making every one of pandemic right now because we have only one question, when is this going to end? COVID-19 is affecting the lives of individuals with every passing hour and not to mention, it has a high death rate as well. However, the good part is that the governments of all the countries are taking serious measures to curb the spread of this infection. All we have to do is follow the rules by going through the safety measures and most importantly, by staying home. However, we will all get past this. 

One important thing that you have to keep on your mind is that even when everything becomes normal, the companies that have not strategized their SEO game can be at a huge loss. This is the ideal time for you to sit and think and most importantly, strategize your SEO so that when everything becomes normal, you can bounce back to your business. 

Given below is a list of the things that you should consider and start to work on immediately. 

Stay updated with the Google Trends

It is obvious that everyone is home right now and they are constantly searching online. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are monitoring Google Trends for new topics and questions, which are related to your industry and are being asked by people right now. If you are capable of staying updated with this data and if you can realize all the trends that have relevance with your business, it will not be extremely difficult to create content around them. This will help you when the sales start again. Since your content is going to be out, it is going to serve as a relevant resource, which will help in improving search engine optimization and also bring a lot more traffic to the website, as stated by

Monitor keyword rankings and Google search console

Significantly, you monitor Google search console and all the other third-party tools that you use to understand the keyword changes up close. During the times when the demand is either huge or has shifted completely, you are going to observe changes in the search interest and user interest of the queries. If you are incapable of monitoring these, you are going to lose out on the opportunity of changing your old approaches.

Build up the content bank

Considering the time we are all in, there has been a major shift in consumer behavior. Not to mention, the Corona pandemic will be responsible for causing consumers to behave even more differently. Like all other people, you do have enough time to write, and that is why you should start writing. Make sure you are prioritizing the top-funnel content. Indeed, this content is not going to convert in a short time; however, you have to ensure that your consumers are getting into this funnel so that you can present all your services and products for future requirements. When you have the stock file of amazing content ready to be released, you are going to be ahead of your competition. 

Start deciding about holidays and Q4 initiatives

Nobody knows when this pandemic is going to be completely over. It can take up to 12 weeks or more. Irrespective of when the situation is going to be over, it is going to take a lot of time for the economic outlook to improve. Understanding that the numbers might be lower for q1 and q2, it is a good idea to start deciding how you can make up for it in the last half of the year. For instance, if you are involved in an e-commerce business, it is a great idea to start thinking about Black Friday or Christmas plans. 

Hire the best talents

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the businesses have closed their doors. Top talents from SEO who have been loyal to the organizations they worked for no longer have a place to work. Therefore, if you are hiring, it is time that you start recruiting from now. It will also tell that your organization is in an extremely strong position irrespective of the current world situation, and this is going to attract talented people. Even if you decide not to hire now, this will be an amazing opportunity of making connections and conversations. You are going to benefit from this in the future. 

Embrace content strategies

People are spending a lot of time streaming and watching videos right now. This is probably the appropriate time for you to develop video content and take a lot of advantage of this situation. Consider the content that you have developed earlier and try to repurpose that content into the video format. 

Embrace data

As already mentioned above, you have to be even more careful when it comes to Google Trends particularly because people are constantly searching right now. However, there are certain important things that you cannot miss considering. 

  • You have to understand the pages that receive the maximum traction.
  • You need to understand whether this has changed from the daily norm. 

This is the ideal time for you to run a heat map and understand the methods of data collection so that you can dive deep into the website. 

Don’t think only about content

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are not thinking only about content. Indeed, content is one of the most important tasks but you have to focus on search engine optimization completely. You need to:

  • Make sure that the page speed is perfect.
  • Update the website with a series of fresh photos.
  • Create an ideal exercise associated with user experience.
  • Make sure that the content can be located easily.


This is the ideal time for you to sit back and think about how you are going to rise above your competitors once the scary situation is over. Pay attention to the points that have been stated above so that you can bounce back once the situation ends.