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Explore The Powers of Joomla to Enhance The SEO Performance of Your Website

SEO Performance

When you can do three things rightly, you should be able to place search engine optimization campaign in good stead. First, you must choose the right CMS that supports SEO well for building an attractive and highly functional website. Secondly, prepare well to know what search engine optimization is and how Google wants its implementation so that you can adhere to the best practices. Thirdly, arrange for resources to create and publish high-quality, relevant content that can satisfy users’ needs and expectations.  Having done it, you become confident of moving in the right direction with the assistance of SEO services Toronto. Joomla CMS is still attractive for creating websites for SEO.  

Joomla, the predecessor WordPress, enjoy a fair share of confidence among marketers due to its versatility and robust nature as you can enhance the functionalities by using extensions.  Since its inception, Joomla has gone through several changes that have made the CMS more effective. The Joomla templates are what developers like most because of the extensive options that it provides in creating highly functional and aesthetically attractive websites. The latest version of the CMS released in February 2018 denoted by 3.8.5, shows how the Joomla community has continuously contributed to its betterment.

SEO compatibility is evident in the Joomla features

 How much ready Joomla is for supporting SEO becomes clear on looking at the various features created by keeping the SEO requirements in mind.  If you look at Joomla 1.5, the page display tab and the Metadata options show that it facilitates search engine optimization. The features kept on improving as the open source Joomla community took interest to enhance its SEO friendliness and contributed to refining and developing it.  The Joomla 1.7 version ensured higher visibility of page heading and has provision for accommodating the page name in the website’s title. Further improvements followed in the subsequent versions, and these have helped to increase the popularity of the CMS that provides marketers with better SEO capabilities for reaping rich dividends.  The Joomla templates have proved to be highly effective in creating websites that give your SEO the boost that it needs.

Joomla templates – what to expect

Joomla is what it is today due to the powerful Joomla templates that add versatility to the CMS and makes it ideal for creating websites for marketing campaigns that revolve around SEO. The templates are the most significant attraction for web developers because it allows developers to envisage how things would unfold even before launching the website. By using templates, developers come to know how the site would look and what would be its appeal to viewers. Also, they can also understand what kind of response the website is likely to receive from viewers. It gives them the opportunity to make changes to the site to make it friendlier for search engines as well as users.

By working on the template, you get the confidence of launching a near perfect website that would never require any review soon after launching.  Since the templates allow to experiment in every way you want, you can incorporate only the best features in it by trial and error. There is no looking back after the launch so that you can concentrate absolutely on marketing without worrying about website improvements.

Create a sturdy SEO campaign

Take advantage of the website features to create a sturdy and robust SEO by using your knowledge of SEO optimization, both on page and off page.  Proper optimization would ensure that the website receives a positive response from search engines that facilitate higher search rankings. More top ranks would ensure that users take notice of the site and drive more traffic to it that would increase the possibilities of creating leads that lead to higher conversions.  Use high-quality content that is unique and relevant for users who find value in it so that you can acquire backlinks that are the backbone of SEO campaigns. Creating proper internal links improves the navigation of the website that adds value to user experience.

Ensure attractive presentation of content

The way you present the content adds to its value because a poorly presented content will not be able to garner the attention it deserves. No matter how good the quality might be unless you structure it well by using proper headings, subheadings, categories, bullet points etc., it will fail to create the initial interest for consuming it. This would defeat the purpose of creating content and adversely affect SEO results.

Optimization of the menu structure is critical for SEO success, and you must create a top-down menu that provides better users experience and helps to earn higher page ranks. The menu should establish a link between the home page and the featured content so that the articles can hog the limelight.

About the author: Joseph Campbell has spent 15 years in the web development industry and an old hand in SEO services Toronto.  He has a soft corner for Joomla that has brought success to several projects with which he was involved. Joseph is attracted to social media both for personal and professional reasons.