SEO Practice in 2013 – How It Changed After Google Updates

The concept of the SEO is not dead yet. However, with the Google updates it is being put to test that it must change its wicked ways or just perish. With the hurry to move ahead, SEO practices are at times overlooking certain stuff that catches Google’s eye immediately. Rather than hurrying to achieve the results, the SEO services should use this as an opportunity to bring up the new talents that can develop quality content which is not limited to just writing articles but also induces info-graphics, videos and images. This way your website not only gets the desired limelight but also builds a good repo in the eyes of Google.

What Are The Best SEO Practices Right Now in 2013?

Keeping in mind the new Google updates, the below mentioned methods have proven to be successful so far. However it is suggested to go with the guidelines of Google and do the modifications as per your website requirements. The best SEO practices that have been given positive response so far are:

  • Create a genuine deep links between your blogs and websites
  • Have a thorough understanding of what SEO is all about after penguin, panda and EMD updates
  • Know that guest posting makes a hell lot of difference in driving traffic to your website
  • Increase engagement and interaction on several websites and blogs of the similar niche
  • Concentrate more on social signals and enjoy the benefits of social networking
  • Keep a note of your anchor texts and make maximum variations as possible
  • Check regularly your website ranking using free tools like hit tracker, web stats etc.

Do You Feel That You Should Change Your SEO Techniques?

Whether you are a Black Hat SEO or a White Hat one, the bottom line is you need to make sure that you are authentically doing all the things in the right and natural way. Your SEO techniques shouldn’t be spammy but natural. Though you are building links from a reliable resource, there are petty things that require attention like anchor texts.

How To Deal With Panda and Penguin Updates?

The foremost thing you need to know is you will be preparing only rich contents that is what Google wants and of course your customers as well. Below mentioned are a couple of things that will help you keep your website rank higher on the Google and will never have to deal with the Panda penalties.

  • Never spam and create only rich quality content
  • Do not fill your website with too many adverts
  • Write your content keeping in mind your readers and not search engines

There might not be guaranteed rules to get the first page ranking, but changing your SEO techniques will surely help to get noticed by the readers and the search engines.