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What to Consider When Looking for SEO Services

Over the recent past, Google, being the leading search engine, has sustained an onslaught on websites with regular animal-themed updates. These updates include Google panda, penguin, and recently, the hummingbird update. These updates have thrown in to disarray, most of the SEO services providers, and especially those who rarely keep up to date with these changes.

Fortunately, for the well-experienced SEO service providers, they understand that Google’s updates always keep in line with its long time slogan ‘content is king’. What this means is that this leading search engine is trying to move from the traditional search phrase based search results, to trying to understand the intention of the searchers, what Google refers to as intention-based search results.

In order to keep up with this change in trends, and to ensure that a website remains relevant regardless of the search algorithm updates made by the search engines, a professional SEO services company should employ the latest SEO strategies to ensure that its clients benefit faster, and keep the SEO benefits for longer. Some SEO best practices include the following:

  • Informative Content

As mentioned earlier, content is king if you want to rank a website on top of the search engines. The articles and posts you create for a website should not only focus on your target keywords, but should provide value to the website visitor. This value comes in the form of the article being informative, educative, engaging, interesting and beneficial to the web visitor.

  • Simplified Website Structure

Besides great content, your website should be easy to navigate around. Website visitor should easily tell related pages on your website, easily identify information categories, and be able to find easily the answers that they are looking for within your website.

  • Brand Association with Keywords

As it has been clear with the Google search updates, the move now has been from a generic results based on search terms to a deliberate attempt to understand the intentions of the people using this search engine. It is therefore, imperative that you should associate your brand with the keywords that you seek to rank for. This ensures that the search engines, which regard brands as an authority, rank any keywords associated to it at the top of their search results.

The bottom line

A good and professional SEO services provider understands these new pillars of successful search engine optimization. It also understands that even the old SEO techniques still work when done right and in combination with the new techniques. You should therefore work with the best SEO service providers to get the best SEO results.