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The Best Features of Marketo You Need to Know About

Since you have already started your business, you indeed have knowledge about the basic features associated with marketing automation and the advantages that it has. However, you should also use a platform, which will help your marketing strategy to progress. Every lead, which is coming into your website. It is undoubtedly unique and that is why it is your responsibility to make sure that you are engaging differently with them. This is why it is important to understand how the features of Marketo can be leveraged appropriately. Growing the marketing funnel. With the help of Marketo. It will be easy for you to personalize every step of your customer’s journey as well as target your leads with appropriate content. Given below is a list of the amazing Marketo features that you should know about. 

Insight into leads

A particular lead might not fill out the form that is present on your website but it does not mean that you will not know that they were on your website. The ability to track anonymous leads on the website can help the team to paint a picture of all the website visitors. The tools of Marketo make use of predictive learning for determining the number of important statistics about every lead. Apart from the usual metrics associated with session times, bounce rates, and page visits, you will also be able to understand the actual demographics of every visitor. 

The software is capable of determining a geographical area of a particular lead. All the keywords that they have searched for locating your pages. And can also protect the location of the company in case if they try to access you from the internet of their company. It will be easy for you to match the campaign efforts with several measurable results. For instance, if you are targeting a particular industry or area within the paid campaign. You will be able to understand whether the campaign is improving conversions and click-through rates for that particular area. 

Target content in places that matter

The targeting functions of Marketo will help in individualizing the journey of every visitor. You will be able to designate related characteristics of several target verticals. After that, you can optimize the experience for that particular customer. For instance, if the industry of your lead is manufacturing, you have the option of designing pop-ups, which will offer the latest e-book on manufacturing. If the books are being distributed, you also have the opportunity of directing them to reliable sources. When you target leads with relevant content, they will be interested in filling out forms for the offers. You can bump up the conversion rates and also work on significantly increasing the funnel size with the help of the automation tools of Marketo. 

Lead nurturing

You already know that this platform is responsible for segmenting the leads based on the marketing personas. How they are interacting with the website, and most importantly, their target industries. Based on those triggers, you will have the option of filtering your leads to drip campaigns and engagement streams. Which are targeted towards the requirements and also designed in a manner to make sure that your business will remain on their mind. 

This is not the only thing that you will be able to do with the engagement streams of Marketo. You can easily set the transition trigger between all the streams. Which will help the leads to remain in the appropriate part of the funnel at a proper time. For instance, as soon as one particular lead turns into your client, you will have the option of transitioning them into drip campaigns. Design for giving them company updates, tips, and upsell products that they have already purchased. 

Search engine optimization tools

You cannot even think of starting your marketing strategies without defining search engine optimization strategies. Keyword research is necessary if you are to make sure that people can easily discover your content and is reading them. According to, every business knows the importance of gaining high ranks. This is why Marketo is responsible for coming with several innovative tools. You need to import the list of keywords and Marketo will be responsible for doing the hard work.

Moreover, You are going to receive insights into the key metrics of SEO. Which include the competition level for keywords, landing pages where the keywords rank the highest. Your current search engine rank, and the trend of the search engine rank with time. You are also going to receive the list of important keywords for particular pages based on the targeted keywords. It is not a good idea to switch between the present marketing tools for gaining SEO insight. Especially when everything can be in a single place. This is one of the best Marketo features that you should know. 

Robust mobile tools of Marketo

Marketo was responsible for introducing several mobile features. Which allowed digital marketers to stay right on top of all the important mobile trends. Marketers are responsible for using more than a single device when they are working. This can make it extremely difficult to assess campaigns. However, the robust mobile tools of this platform have been making this easy as well. It is now easier than before to manage the campaigns irrespective of your location. When you do not have your desktop or laptop in front of you. 

Precise email testing

A strong feature of Marketo that you should know about is its capability of performing A/B testing on several parts of an outbound email. In the testing section, you will be able to test several subject lines, email-from addresses. Also, the time and date of when the email is being sent. You will be able to test complete versions of the email. When you are performing these tests. It will be easy to increase your conversations and also discover the type of email variants. Which are going to be perfect for your customers. These tests are responsible for having a great impact on marketing campaigns and help in driving amazing results. 


Every business professional should know about the amazing features of Marketo. Make sure that you go through all the features that have been mentioned above if you are interested in meaningful conversions for your business.