SEO Expert

The Breakdown of SEO From An SEO Expert

SEO is used to mean all the methods you use to ensure your website and all its content is visible on the search engine. This can vary from promotional off page practices to technical practices that you are able to achieve when working behind the scenes of your website. All this is done to raise your website’s visibility and build a business.

Mostly, when SEO is mentioned, we all think about the visibility rather than the promotional. We also think of using certain terms to make the search appear in the organic results of the search engine. Organic results are those that appear generally on the page without being paid for.

Why do you require SEO?

SEO expert advices that to build a strong website that attracts the right audience will require the help of search engines. Everybody in the marketplace creates a site to sell an aspect, idea, services or goods. Whether you admit or not, you cannot help but marvel at the audience your site has attracted. This is how we calculate our profits or losses.

Organic search is the commonly used search method that drives about 64% of all searches done on Google alone. With such tallies, you don’t want your business left behind in the growth market. Don’t forget that you need a strong presence on Google and the Keywords will help you build that strong presence.  

What do search engines look for?

  • Relevancy – Search Engines always seek to provide the most relevant results to the searcher’s query. No matter how simple the question posed is, the search engine will always provide the best answer there is. Although we may never understand how the search engine works out its search to come up with the answers it gives, we can be certain that there are some factors that influence these results. These factors are all based on the relevancy of the query.
  • The Quality of the content – Your content should be fuelled towards reaching your audience in a non-promotional manner. Google is reported to be moving further away from promotional content to general information content. This is because with the rise of keywords, everyone used them to promote all their products forgetting to write purely focused on the user experience.
  • Use experience – To create a website that keeps visitors coming to your page, you need to make an easily navigable site that is user-friendly and feeds the user with the factual information. This site can be an added advantage to you if you create internal linking to the related content. This serves as a one-stop shop for all your users.
  • The Website speed – How quickly your website loads when clicked is ideal for search engines. This all depends on who is hosting your website. Getting the right hosting company is ideal for the visibility of your website.
  • Cross-device compatibility – Google recently advised that responsive design is highly preferred for mobile optimization. Having your website and all its content optimized for any device or screen size is ideal. This means your audience can view your work from whatever gadget.
  • Internal linking – Internal linking pushes traffic to your site effortlessly leading to higher trust signals for Google. Internal linking is preferred by many because it provides your audience with more reading options. This may cause Google to index your site, leading to more traffic.
  • Authority – An authority website is one that is trusted by other websites, its users, and search engines. The authority website gets links from other sites as a vote of confidence, which sends more audience and search engines its way. The more links you get, the higher quality content you produce to keep the audience alive. This is the same way your site will slowly become an authority site too.
  • Meta descriptions – The Meta description is the short paragraph that appears under the site’s URL in the search results. Though Meta descriptions will not improve your website ranking, they are great to use before publishing an article. This is because it helps increase your chances of anyone carrying out the search to click on your result.

The SEO journey is exciting as well as informative; to miss out on it means to lose out on the share for meaningful profits. You surely don’t want to be left behind.