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The three mistakes SEO marketers are making in keyword research

One of the crucial tasks of an SEO marketer is keyword research. A study that got conducted a couple of years back revealed that not everyone loves or engages in right keyword research. One of the most important tasks of an SEO professional which ranked is Keyword research. It is other than content creation and link building. It could be because almost 66% of the companies conduct keyword research in-house instead of outsourcing it or finding an expert for the same.

The truth is keyword research is a challenging task. And close to 44% conducts it when there’s an absolute need for it. However, when keyword research gets conducted poorly, it feels like a daunting assignment. The result is mistakes and pitfalls that are necessary to avoid. Three such mistakes that SEO professionals are still making are:

  1. Not being aware of the searcher intent

Many people reported that one of the most significant keyword mistakes was not forgetting searcher intent. There’s no point in getting your content or site ranked when the query doesn’t match what the user is searching for. Several marketers get obsessed with generating traffic and not consider the bottom-line i.e., generating conversions. It is here that searcher content becomes essential.

Simply put, search intent reviews what each user us searching for when they place their queries. For instance, on a recipe website, people would want more recipes instead of a descriptive content of why a specific meal is beneficial for childhood. It is necessary to match the content with the user query to generate organic traffic on the website.

  1. Not considering anything beyond the volume metrics

Sometimes, the parameters involved in keyword research doesn’t suggest a thing that’s beneficial for your business. It is essential for SEO marketers to opt-in for terms that would gain significant website traffic and help to enhance the vital metrics. But not always does it make sense for businesses to only aim the high-volume keywords.

It is essential to know the reason for which a site must rank. Also, you need to know the kinds of queries specific searchers use to solve their problems. It is necessary for SEO professionals to not concentrate on volume alone. They need to consider other factors that can impact the content as well.

  1. Not considering the real SERPs

SEO marketers should consider what the search engines understand and the searcher’s intent. And that is all about studying the SERPs. Several people spend ample time researching these tools. They fail to consider what’s ranking for the keywords. You might have a look at the content Google providers the users for a specific query that isn’t a match for the content your site has for a particular keyword. Someone decides to write a blog, and the search engine interprets it as a query required for a product page result. It is essential to understand the kind content that’s getting ranked for that specific keyword and then fashion the content based on the structure.

SEO marketers also make other mistakes, such as incorrectly assessing keywords and not being aware of competitors. However, these three mistakes are common and need correction.