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The US Search Awards 2019 – Brennen Bliss is the young SEO professional of the year

Since SEO is what most online brands and websites need to pay heed. There are specific awards and recognitions people who did it well! The US Search Awards is one such annual event that identifies the top performers in content marketing, PPC, and SEO sectors.  So It is a yearly celebration that generates several applications from expert agencies. From the USA and their SEO strategies and policies adopted for the years. On the specific parameters, they decides the awards.

The 2019 US Search Awards

Brennen Bliss, who is a 20-year-old lead SEO specialist and founder at PixelCutLabs. He was nominated and selected as the winner. He was Young Search Professional of the Year. This award was fixed for the individual. It was in between significant contributions in the search industry.  Therefore, the professional needs to excel with smart SEO tactics. Brennen Bliss is based out of Austin and got awarded and recognized for his excellent SEO services and initiatives.

The annual celebration took place on October 9th, 2019, at Las Vegas. Here a group of ace and esteemed experts and leaders met to assess the applications that came for the award. And from their assessment so, they chose the apt winners. Brennen Bliss happens to be one of the ten nominees in the list of “Young Search Professional of the Year” category of awards.

More about Bliss

Brennen Bliss had come up with PixelCutLabs back in high-school as a student. It was in 2014, and he had designed the website for a small business firm owned by his mother. He soon got acquainted with web design and app development services. Brennen Bliss had learned the way to target the competitive keywords for expanding his business and also help all his clients. Also, in 2015, his business transformed into an expert and specialized agency that worked with clients from the eCommerce business space. The annual revenue of the company was close to $3M to $10M.

Brennen’s primary job at his company was to come up with an advanced SEO strategy that would get used for close to 15 to 20 campaigns. He ensured that the managed SEO services got executed correctly. That aside, he also trained his employees on matters related to link-building and various other essential SEO talks. Brennen Bliss has also been contributing to the SEO world regularly by organizing training and webinar sessions. It helped him to share crucial insights on topics related to SEO.

Upon receiving the award, Bliss said that he is happy and honoured to receive this award in the presence of several industry leaders. Speaking about PixelCutLabs, he said that his objective of expanding his company was intending to help businesses thrive using the best SEO services. For him, it was nothing less than an adventure to watch his company grow. Bliss is also eager to see how the ever-changing SEO industry unfolds in the forthcoming days.

Brennen Bliss, with his contributions and award, motivates young SEO professionals to bring forth their best ideas and contributions in SEO. It helps the SEO domain to evolve as a whole.