Why Google Plus is Beneficial for SEO? Here is What SEO Expert Nashik Needs to Know

We all know that social media sites help in search engine optimization, but unfortunately not all the social media sites get equal level of attention from SEO experts and content marketers. While majority of online marketers love Facebook and Twitter, they hardly understand the importance of Google+ in search engine optimization. If you are a SEO expert Nashik, then you should be aware of the SEO benefits of Google+. Today, I will discuss 4 most important SEO advantages of Google+.

Search result customized for users: When someone signs in his Google account and search for something, he sees personalized search results. Google filters the search results based on the user’s preferences to provide the most suitable answers. Let me explain how this works. Suppose you sell apparels online and Mr. X follows your business on Google+. Now, when he searches for something that is answered or offered by your business, your site gets a better ranking on his SERP.

Wonderful local results: Google+ Local can give your business a huge exposure and improve SERP ranking very fast. You must enlist your business in Google+ Local to help local customers find your company data quickly. Google fetches data from Local pages and display the list of service providers on search engine result pages. For example, if you sell cars in Nashik and register your business in Google Local, then when people will search for “car dealers in Nashik”, they will see company’s name, address, website and phone number directly in the results page.

Targeted sharing: If you have basic SEO knowledge then you know the importance of Google +1. It is similar to Facebook “Like”, but far more impactful when it comes to search engine optimization. When you share a post on Facebook, it is either for “public” or “friends”, but Google+ allows you to share posts with only those who matter. You can clearly mention that you want to share a post with Mr. A, B and C. Targeted sharing ensures that people who are interested in your content will see your post and thus, the percentage of +1 and shares increases significantly.

Superb indexing: Google bots scan the posts in Google+ and thus, your content gets discovered faster. For example, if you write a guest post and share its link with a few lines to explain the subject in your Google+ profile, the most powerful search engine in the world will scan it and rank your blog post accordingly. For example, if you wrote an article titled “10 responsive web design tips” and someone searches for “how to design a responsive site”, Google may show your article in top search engine result page.

Google+ may not have as many users as Facebook, but don’t ignore it anymore. When properly utilized, it can help your business acquire good rank on search engine result pages.