YouTube SEO Guidelines for 2017

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines that help people find video content on every subject you can imagine. YouTube videos not only help companies promote their products and services but it also helps the marketers make thousands of dollars because YouTube pays the channel owners depending on the number of views they are getting for their content. There are literally billions of videos on YouTube and thus, it is a challenging affair to rank among the top results when the users search using keywords. You have to optimize your videos so that they appear on YouTube as well as Google search. Here is the updated YouTube SEO guide for 2017.

Select the keywords related to your video: You should use keyword research tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Tools, Moz Keyword tools, Wordtracker tool etc. to find the relevant keywords for the topic of your video. Once you have the keywords list, the next step is to shortlist the truly important ones. The minimum keyword length should be 2 to 3 words. In fact, a long-tail keyword comprising more than 3 words is rather better. Pick only those keywords that receive more than 3000 searches per month. One last suggestion, try to target the low competition keywords for faster results.

Write the title based on the keyword: Suppose you have selected 10 keywords and you are going to upload 10 videos. You can use 1 keyword for every video title or mix and match as per the dynamic content topic. Don’t use more than 8 words in the title and write a title that forms a question. For example, “how do you make money in share market?” Or “what is the best way to reduce credit card debt?”

Insert keywords in the description: Video description is an important part of YouTube SEO. It helps search engines and the viewers understand what your video is all about. Video description should contain long-tail keywords and it must be 300-350 words long. Keyword density can be maximum 3%. Break the description in small paragraphs and keep the paragraphs short.

Tags are crucial: Tags are used in the videos to categorize them so that search engines can easily locate and rank the videos accordingly. Here is a unique suggestion for you. Search your most important target keyword on YouTube. Open the top 3 results. Press “Ctrl+U” to check the source code. Press “Ctrl+F” and search “keyword”. Select all the tags from here, copy them, and add to your tags. This is the fastest and easiest method to ensure top ranking on YouTube search.


These suggestions will help you rank quickly on YouTube and Google search. Apply the tips and tell us what differences you noticed in the comment section.