3 Misconceptions about hiring SEO firms and what you really need to know

You have a website and you are now looking to hire an SEO expert agency to help you with your online marketing endeavors. You have been on Google and done the usual search ‘{Location} + SEO experts’ and you have a list displaying hundreds of firms. Naturally, you go for the one at the top, because of course this guy must know what he’s about, that’s why he’s first.

As you work further down the list, you start feeling frazzled, because all these guys seem to be saying the same thing, offering to do the same things, so now you are more confused than when you began. How do you sift through them to settle on the best firm to use?

You have probably have read lists about how to select SEO firms: do your research, ask for their portfolio and references, discuss their strategies for your company and a few more great tips. However, even before you get that far; it’s important for you to get rid of some stereotypes that may affect how you go about short listing before coming up with the list of top contenders.

  1. The first local SEO firm is not necessarily the best

Certainly, the first site is among the better ones on the list, but it does not mean it is the best. Many factors that go into ranking for websites on search results, and time is one of them. This means that a site that has been there for longer is likely to get a better rank than a newer site, even if the newer one has better SEO techniques and a better looking website.

  1. The best for you may not be the biggest

Bigger does not always mean better. The right SEO firm for you may be that small one with two employees working out of a home-office. It can also be the largest SEO expert Dubai firm with hundreds of employees. The right firm for you is the one that understand your goals, gives you 100% attention and is devoted to helping you achieve your goals in a way that’s comfortable with you.

  1. All SEO firms are scam-artists

This is 100% untrue, and it is shameful that the entire profession should get bad representation just because of a number of quacks with shady tactics. That being said, it is important to make sure you are not dealing with one of the few bad ones. You can always tell too – they will have bogus references, their website will not look professional and might lack important elements like location and contact information and even the suggestions they make will be shady – like buying links. Steer clear of those ones.