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4 Foolproof but Easy Strategies Every SEO Expert Must Use

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If your website is not ranking on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs), it is highly likely that you have not optimized it for search engines. It is a pitfall most website owners fall into because once they design and launch, they sit back expecting Google and other search engines to notice.

Well, however impressive your website looks it will not rank highly for its target keywords. Luckily there are some easy but solid strategies your search engine optimization (SEO) consultant can use for higher lead generation and sales conversion. Take a look:

  1. Double Prong optimization (Off-page and on-page)

If you look at most SEO strategies, the emphasis is only on on-page optimization and this approach misses the bigger picture. SEO should not end with backlinks, social media integration and content creation. Your SEO professional needs to analyze how users are interacting with the pages. For instance, are they experiencing downtimes or abandoning their carts midway? A good website needs to be maneuverable to accord users a pleasant shopping experience.

  1. Re-focus Your Website

Assume you are a car dealership in Miami. Take a step back and review who your target market is; are you looking for first time car owners, working mums, business executives or businesses? Your keywords must be optimized in order to help target the right market. This must be a major focus for every SEO expert.

  1. Use SEO to Distinguish Your Brand

Now that you want to compete with McDonalds in your city, how do you get customers to abandon a brand they have known since childhood? It is all about using your SEO campaign to get people talking about your distinct features. Say, for instance, you are offering free Wi-Fi and surprise happy hours; these might appear like ordinary marketing gimmicks but your SEO strategist will use social media to get people talking about your brand.

  1. Be Seen Everywhere

However small your business is, a potential customer should see it on Google maps. You must also be active in social media by leveraging local topics to get people to notice your brand. An SEO specialist comes in handy in managing your social media campaign and in so doing, increasing your site’s visibility.

They are simple strategies but yet very practical in any SEO campaign. Make sure your SEO consultant applies them.