4 Myths Your SEO Expert will Help Debunk

SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most debated aspects of online marketing. While some analysts vouch for the importance of SEO, others claim it is too complicated for businesses to fully leverage. As a business startup, you will be swamped with contradictions everywhere you look.

One thing is clear; while some people argue that SEO is not important, high ranked websites in every niche are deploying strategies that help them rank better on search engines.  The place of SEO in improving visibility for your nascent website cannot be gainsaid.

It is important to appreciate there are myriad SEO myths out there. Here are some of these myths debunked:

  1. SEO is a Scam

You must have heard about website owners who have paid top dollar without any improvement in their ranking. Every business has its bad apples but this should not keep you away from optimizing your website for search engines. A study by IPSOS shows that 44% of customers start their purchase on a search engine. If you have not optimized your site to be friendly to search engines, you can bet these customer won’t find you in this jungle. Still believe SEO is a scam?

  1. Updating Your Site improves Ranking

If your website doesn’t need any change, don’t update it and expect better ranking. What happens with frequent update is just increased search engine crawl rate and this doesn’t guarantee higher ranking.

  1. Once is Enough

It is all fine that you tried SEO once and the results were amazing. Now that you rank highly for your target keywords, do you need to invest more money in SEO? Yes you do. Constant maintenance of your website helps your ranking by eliminating link rot, publishing new pages, keeping up to date with new algorithms and staying ahead of the competition.

  1. SEO is Expensive

It is true you need an SEO expert to work on your website but the focus should be on the ROI.  These experts evaluate your website, find the best keywords, edit the code, build links and monitor the results. The results you enjoy will last long after these experts have left.

There are many other myths and it is important to ask your SEO consultant to debunk them for you. These misconceptions have been the doom of many promising websites.