5 SEO Tactics To Dominate The E-commerce Sector

There are thousands of e-commerce websites out there and probably dozens of websites are selling the same items as you do, especially if you don’t sell your own branded merchandise. For instance, if you sell grocery items online and trying to capture the national market, then you may face stiff competition from local online grocery shops. So, how can you differentiate your website and rank high on the SERP? Here are 5 intelligent SEO tricks to ensure a better rank for your e-commerce website.

Use related links: Internal linking is very crucial for enhanced user experience as well as SEO. If you ever visited any famous e-commerce website then you must have noticed “recommended products” or “customers bought this” or “accessories for your product” listings. Adding links to related or popular products on the product pages of your website helps customers find suitable items quickly and thus they spend more time on your website. Also, this internal linking assists Google bots in faster scanning and relevancy checking.

Reduce the number of web pages: It is quite natural for any e-commerce website to have dozens of pages that may never attract the customers and thus have no backlinks whatsoever. You should try to consolidate such pages under one URL and redirect the old web pages to this new one. This is a more organized approach and it helps bring customers to one place.

Fast server is a must: The loading time of an e-commerce website is always an issue that web developers need to handle very carefully. It is obvious that your website will feature thousands of images and videos to present the merchandise in a lucrative manner. It is the responsibility of the web developers to make sure that the website loads as fast as possible despite the multimedia content. Use web friendly image formats, alt tags and most importantly host your website on a fast server that assures flawless service. Page loading time is an important SEO factor and Google, as well as buyers, dislike a slow loading online store.

Encourage user generated content: When Google scans your website to determine its true relevance, the user reviews play a vital role. Not only the search engines get to learn what users think about your products and services but also understands that you run a transparent business by solving the issues mentioned in the reviews.

Give translation facility: If you sell products all over the world, then it is mandatory to add a translator widget to your website so that people across the world get the same user experience.It is also a wise idea to register for country specific domains such as .in or .uk. When it comes to link building, you should create separate backlinks for different regional versions of the website.


E-commerce business is growing rapidly all over the world and everyday new branches of e-commerce are launched by the entrepreneurs. Follow the SEO tips mentioned above to rise above the competitors in the e-commerce sector.