Search Rankings

Three Indispensable SEO Strategies for Improving Your Search Rankings in 2017

The SEO industry is among the most volatile as a result of the frequent changes made to the Google algorithm. What works...

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How to Create SEO Friendly City Pages for Targeting Local Market

Some companies offer services across various cities in a country. They are not multinational but they have their stores ...

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Why Impact Of User Experience On SEO Is Purely Overrated

SEO is changing and if you ask Google what they like the most while deciding the rank of a website, their answer will be...

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5 SEO Tactics To Dominate The E-commerce Sector

There are thousands of e-commerce websites out there and probably dozens of websites are selling the same items as you d...

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Optimize Images

3 Reasons For Optimizing Images In 2017

Many SEO practitioners have told us over the years that images must be optimized before uploading on the website to make...

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Understanding 2016’s most dominant trends

SEO will help online stores to secure more direct traffic, and you can optimize particular product pages in order to dir...

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Debunking the Role an SEO Expert Plays on Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a buzzword inn online marketing. This comes in the backdrop of increasing inter...

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ppc ads

Google: Right Side Ads Are Dead, Long Live the PPC Ads

Google offers lots of services to the web users for free, yet they are one of the most profit making companies in the wo...

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