5 ways to personalize your B2B and B2C marketing campaigns

The consumer buying process has greatly changed over the last few years. Research shows that over 67% of the purchase cycle takes place online, and a whopping 57% of all purchase decisions are completed before a customer has contacted the supplier.

The reason for this is simple: buyers are going online for virtually all their purchasing needs, which means successful businesses are those that know how to reach such consumers and guide them towards the right decision: choosing your brand.

Marketing today is no longer about shooting general adverts towards all consumers; rather, creating a personalized journey according to specific consumers’ requirements. Today’s buyer has become empowered – they extensively research brands, reviews and social media before picking a supplier for something they want.

Today’s buyer no longer waits for salespeople to contact them; the buying process begins with them. Given the rising competition, businesses must apply strategic methods to ensure that their paid search and other marketing techniques reach prospective clients searching for their products/services.

Below are five ways you can use to personalize your PPC campaign and lead buyers straight to you as they go through the buying cycle:

  1. Take care of them – provide relevant content in answer to their questions. This means that you must research and understand your clients’ needs and use your PPC to speak towards their main points. Use language that is easily decipherable and relevant for your industry.
  2. Clear offers – it’s vital that in addition to relevant content, you clearly spell out an offer that articulates what the buyer wants. You must offer the right information at the right time. This may mean offering a whitepaper for download, inviting them to subscribe for newsletters, or clicking on a link to make a purchase. Your offer should lead the buyer to take the next step in the process.
  3. Retarget your audience – retargeting offers a means of reconnection with people that have visited your site in the past, whether or not they were converted. Using PPC targeting, you can remarket to previous customers or visitors through special offers and promotions, personalized according to the information you have on the buyer.
  4. Longtail keywords – targeting long-tail keywords increases the chances of nabbing purchase ready traffic that’s more likely to convert. By targeting long-tail keywords, you better your chances of offering exactly what a buyer wants on your PPC ad.
  5. Know your audience – person-based marketing offers a unique opportunity to research and target your audience appropriately. It’s vital to understand how to connect with them through their buying behavior for a successful campaign. Gather these useful insights for a more targeted, hence successful, PPC campaign.