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3 Ways an SEO Expert Can Help Beat Google Penguin Update Blues

For the better part of 2015, the forthcoming Google Penguin update has been a buzzword in the search engine optimization (SEO) forums.  The expected update has been hanging like the mythical sword of Damocles over only webmasters who expect their sites to be hit hard in Google ranking once the update takes place. In fact, the news that it will be a real-time algorithm has just exacerbated matters for webmasters and site owners.

As a website owner you must have come across much information about Google Penguin update but he question is; are you ready for it or will your website take a hit in ranking? To avoid such penalties, it is crucial to hire an SEO specialist to look at areas normally targeted by algorithm updates. Here are some areas your SEO expert will address to avoid penalties:

  1. Link Auditing

You might be forgiven for thinking that spammy links are not an issue any more but you are in for a big shocker. When was the last time you assessed your links? Have you paid for links from so-called link wheels and other unclear sources? Most likely, your page features such links and it is time to get rid of the same. Your SEO expert can also disavow such links though the best option is removing them manually.

  1. Content Update

When was the last time you added fresh content to your website? Does your blog still feature three articles published in 2013? If so, you are in for a shocker because content, according to experts, will still feature greatly in the new update. Luckily you can leverage SEO services to create fresh content and even distribute the same on other forums to get organic inbound links.

  1. Anchor Text Distribution

This is another old target for Google algorithms and by now all your links should not include exact-match anchor texts. It might seem like an obvious thing but most web masters forget to vary their links by URL, brand and non-descriptive keywords. This is where your SEO consultant comes in handy. They rework all your anchor texts to avoid penalties.

With a comprehensive SEO campaign, Google Penguin update need not cause you sleepless nights. Get ready early by hiring an experienced SEO strategist.