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Amazing Search Engine Optimization Tips – Simple Wins for 2018 Unveiled

SEO is a fast-paced game. It is the most vital competitive digital marketing benefit which one can have over the competition. To rank high for the target keywords along with putting one in the spotlight will also help them in stealing business from their competition. The truth is, in the current day and age, should you rank past Google’s first page they will rarely receive any traffic hence it is vital on their part to work on their SEO game if he is serious regarding his online presence. Search Engine Optimization is a full-time job that needs a constant review of data, recalibration of strategy and also response to the real-time events.

Best SEO Tips for 2018

Below are some of the best SEO tips for 2018. Take a look:

  • Focus on On-page SEO– SEO is categorised into three parts- Off-page, On-page, and On-site. In the case of a fresh new website that wants to rank fast should focus more on the On-page SEO. Keep the Off-page SEO aside for the first six months that also includes building backlinks. One needs to develop informative and remarkable content that will target a good number of customers and benefit from it.
  • Focus on On-page SEO– Below is some ideas that one should focus on when it comes to on-page SEO. These include,
    1. Build visual content either for the business website or blog.
    1. Create a channel on YouTube
    1. Create infographics for business websites and blog posts
    1. Provide an in-depth content
  • Choose Profitable Keywords- Should one desire in ranking for a specific keyword; he/she should optimise and pick the most appropriate keywords. In the case of a new site on the lookout for keywords having high search keywords, chances are this will take enough time. Here the best step will be to choose low competition keywords that are profitable. You can do the keyword research through free tools such as Uber Suggest or Google Keyword Planner. In the case of in-depth analysis, it is best to use tools such as SEMrush or Long Tail Pro. After getting a sufficient number of backlinks as well as some authority, one can try to optimise the keywords of high search volume.
  • Create Video Content- Creating video content is the best way to survive in the current online marketing domain. No matter one is a product owner, affiliate marketer, digital marketer, business owner or a professional blogger, they should begin to create video content. Through video introduction, one can market their website or products. For best results use R1SEO for their amazing Perth SEO services.
  • Use Keyword in the Title Tag– Make it a point to use the primary keyword in the title tag.
  • Improve Meta Description- It is good to write a short and good meta description that will cover just everything related to the web page. Also, one should add target keywords rather than merely stuffing keywords that will lead to bad SEO. For the search engine, the meta description will act as an advert. A good meta description will work wonders in improving the CTR of one’s website.
  • Internal Linking– If a website has internal links then it will work wonders in the case of long-term SEO. One may not rank instantly yet by optimising entirely in the future they can attain number one spot. Always add high authority and useful links that will help readers. Making the site more authentic and resourceful is critical. Avoid making the website appear spammy by merely adding links. Plan a good strategy as well as plan to add links.
  • Mobile Friendly Site- Mobile is the future of the World Wide Web, so it is best to make a site mobile friendly. For mobile-friendly themes, it is best to use My Theme Shop or StudioPress. Using free themes is not recommended on WordPress should one plans to make good money. Use plugins for optimising it.
  • Image Optimization with Keywords in the ALT Tag– The majority of the people do not optimise images. What they do is upload the picture and insert the same as it is. It is the images which play a pivotal part in the website’s SEO in its entirety. Adding keywords in ALT Tags will help, but one should ensure to add it within the image title as well. You can use plugins for compressing the size of the image. To load a big size image will take a longer time. For best results use WPMU DEV to compress the images.
  • Appealing Content- To have a blog or webpage that has good readability will play a pivotal part when it comes to engaging people to stick on the site, which will be an indirect tactic to SEO. If customers stay on a webpage for an extended period, it will work wonders in improving the site’s bounce rate which is essential for SEO. The right merge of helpful content, links, visual and text content will result in an excellent appealing content. It is also good to use Table of Content.
  • Install SSL Certificate- If one view properly they will notice that every single site that has a high ranking on Google has SSL and HTTPS Certificate enabled. It will soon turn out to be a must-have for sites for allowing Https. One can also use Let’s Encrypt’s Free SSL or also use Cloud Flare. For those using the WordPress Platform, it will be secure in installing SSL from Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare. Some hosting packages offer free SSL that acts as a bonus. For a premium, touches invest in an SSL Certificate.
  • Fast Loading Website– Search Engine giant Google gives priority to those sites that load faster. In case the site loads slow one should ensure they invest in a good hosting pack that will act as the site’s foundation. The different types of hosting that one can try to include Kinsta for high traffic sites, Siteground in case of mid-level sites and Bluehost US in case of mid-level sites and Amazon web services in case of substantial traffic sites that run a serious online business. Post selecting a stable host and if the site loads slower using caching solutions such as Cloudflare and Maxcdn will help. In case of plugins, it is best to use WP- Total Care and WP-Super-Cache.
  • Permalink with Short URL’s– It is good to add short URLs to the site’s permalink. Adding short keywords can help in giving a boost for ranking faster in Google as well as other search engines. As per a recent study, short URL’s will make a site rank more quickly compared to adding long URL’s. The best tip will be in adding target keyword within the URL that is profitable and short.
  • High-Quality Backlinks- When it comes to building backlinks no two people have the same approach. There are some who do blog commenting, spam it, or buy backlinks that is ok. The truth is backlinks will not have any value if one does not have good content. There can be two situations- poor content + huge backlinks= lousy SEO or good content devoid of backlinks=bad SEO. Everything indeed is a merge of adding tactics. One cannot expect in getting results via following one/two methods. The bottom line is the perfect merge of decent traffic, social authority, quality backlinks and informative content will result in king size SEO. This way nothing can stop one from attaining the desired results. You need to be active with regards to internet forums such as StumbleUpon, Reddit or Quora to solve people’s problems. If you have good content people will link one’s site and share it with other people.
  • Spy on Competitors Backlinks- It is a conventional means of receiving backlinks. Through the SEMRUSH Tool, one can spy on the links and keywords of their competitors. They can import all of it into the Excel sheet and begin to communicate with every link authority through emailing them. Most importantly one should avoid spamming the atmosphere but instead communicate properly and watch out if they can sort out the issues in exchange for the backlinks.
  • Provide Sitemap to Google- Post verifying the website on almost every search engine, the next step that one needs to adopt is in submitting Sitemaps to the different search engines. In fact, by doing so, one can benefit most. It will make it simpler for web spiders in easily crawling the data. One should be aware of the fact that the more help one can offer Google automatically the more exceptional results they can fetch. Submitting Sitemaps is a natural process. The best way to send to Google will be by using Google Webmaster Tools, and in the case of Bing, one can use the Bing Webmaster Tool. If one desires to make Sitemaps within WordPress, they can do so through WordPress Plugins such as Yoast SEO, XML Sitemaps, Jetpack or All in ONE SEO. Jetpack WordPress Plugin and Yoast SEO will be the right choice.
  • Augment the Website Security- To improve the security of the site overall can help one a great deal in the long run. For this use, the WordPress Plugin Wordfence, 2 Factor Authentication, keep the site spam free and enable SSL.

If you are still undecided, try these simple wins for 2018 and enjoy untold benefits. Your brand can reap enormous profits out of this.