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Think Marketing Has Nothing to Do With SEO? Think Again!


When you think about business marketing the things that pop-up in your mind are TV/newspaper ads, website banner ads and PPC campaign on Facebook, but do you know that SEO or search engine optimization is a form of online marketing as well? It improves your chances of reaching prospective customers and offers better ROI than traditional forms of marketing.

Marketing is generally categorized in two different segments- inbound and outbound. Unlike outbound marketing that forces people to notice the business, inbound marketing brings in the customers who are searching for a product or service that your company is offering. That is exactly what SEO can do for your business. SEO is consumer centric and the promotional message is presented to the future customers only when they are looking for it.

Let’s find out why your business marketing is incomplete without search engine optimization.

SEO Brings Customers: The core objectives of SEO are to make your business visible online and influence the customers to click on your website link. If you hire a reputed SEO agency to take care of the optimizations tasks, your site will notice a significant improvement in terms of incoming traffic and revenue within three months.

Absolutely Cost Effective: The cost of running a SEO campaign for several months is not cheap, but when you compare the rates of TV/newspaper ads, SEO is certainly cheaper. However, it is not just the pricing of SEO packages that makes it a better choice than traditional form of marketing. SEO methodology only targets those people who are interested in your business. Here is a simple example to help you understand the difference. When you publish an ad on a newspaper, many people may see it, but how many of them are actually interested in your products/services? On the contrary, if you sell cakes in California and 1000 customers are searching for “bakery in California” or “wedding cakes California”, then you have a better chance of converting them from an enquirer to a customer. SEO targets specific keywords based on user behavior and thus your investment gives you far better ROI than outbound marketing.

Success Is Measurable: Even if you have basic understanding of marketing, then you know how important it is to measure the success of your marketing campaign. You can never guess how many people watched your ad on TV and newspaper, because viewership of a program does not match with the viewership of an ad, but SEO is a rare form of marketing that can be measured perfectly. Thanks to Google Analytics you can accurately measure total clicks on SERP, website visits, which web page receives maximum attention, how much time a customer spends on your site and most importantly conversion rate.

Make People Aware of Your Brand: Armed with informative and unique content, SEO can make your brand famous within a very short time period. Search engines scan the content of various websites based on a user’s query and show only those sites that provide best solutions. So, if your content is really great, your brand can become synonymous with a particular product or service. For example, if you search for “soft drinks” then Coca Cola website link will appear within top 10 results. Try to understand the impact of this result. Since you did not mention the type, flavor or company in your search, the brand “Coca Cola” becomes synonymous with soft drink category. SEO not only makes your brand popular, it can simply wipe out the competition if done properly.

Besides the marketing advantages, SEO makes your website user friendly which in turn keeps the visitors happy and satisfied. As you know, there is nothing better than a happy customer because recommendation of a regular customer is more valuable than 10 paid ads. So, if you have not included SEO in your brand marketing mix yet, it is time to hire a SEO company to give your brand a global exposure.