Attention Bloggers and SEO Expert Nashik! Are You Making These 5 Mistakes?

Blogging is very popular among online community because it helps you bring new customers to your site. Some companies use blogs as a bait to lure the customers to their main corporate site while some run independent blogs and earn money from advertisements.

If you have just started blogging, then you must be very careful about search engine optimization techniques. Google is very strict about content and links these days. Moreover, if users don’t like your posts and leave quickly, Google considers it as an indication of your blog’s standard while determining SERP ranking.

Here are some SEO blunders many bloggers make and I suggest you to avoid them for better traffic and conversion rate.

Aimless content: When you are writing a blog post, think your purpose first and then start typing. If you talk about a lot of things without any focus, people are going to get bored. Take this article for example. My title clearly states that I will describe 5 blogging SEO mistakes and you started reading this article because you want to know about those mistakes. More importantly, you want to know how you can avoid the mistakes. It is always good to select a topic that users are actually searching for and solve their problems through your writing. Everybody loves a good solution.

Spinning: This is a common habit of some bloggers. They simply search for a topic in Google and rewrite the posts published in leading blogs. Both Google and users like to see genuine content. You may cheat Copyscape, but if your content is stale, readers won’t get fooled. Do extensive research on your chosen subject, close all the browser tabs and then start composing your unique article; which is informative, not inspired.

Forgetting social media: Google gives high importance to social media signals. So, you must include Facebook like, share, Twitter and Google +1 options in your blog to help the readers share your articles among their friends. Social share is so valuable because it works like a recommendation and Google knows that it is not a paid recommendation.

Keyword blunders: If you think that you will only target short keywords to impress Google, then you are making a mistake. Google is more human now after the Hummingbird update and gives top priority to long tail keywords. Mix long tail keywords with short keywords and never stuff too many keywords. Though there is no fixed rule, some SEO experts say that if any keyword is used above 2%, Google considers it as keyword stuffing.

Weak linking profile: Do you want to earn genuine and quality backlinks? Then you have to work harder and prove your prowess. If your blog is truly informative, other people will share your links in their articles. You can also start writing guest post in the leading blogs to get top rated backlinks.

Mistakes are a part of life, but a true professional SEO Expert Nashik learns from his mistake and improves his work methods. Hope this article will help you be a better blogger. If you want to share more SEO tips for bloggers, please share your thoughts.