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Digital Marketing: Best practices to be followed in the years to come

The aspect of marketing has been integral to businesses of all scale and size. Be it a newly found business or decades old running conglomerate, marketing has been and will always remain a crucial aspect for the success of any profitmaking endeavor. In the simplest of terms, marketing is informing people at large that you sell a particular product or service. With the growth and advancement of technology, the forms of marketing and the platforms have only transformed from time to time. In the current era, when the entire world runs on the internet, digital marketing, or in other words, marketing a product or service with the aid of digital technologies has gained huge popularity and acceptance. Using the numerous digital tactics and techniques, a digital marketer connects its target audience to market and sell its product or service or idea.

Say, you are responsible for the marketing of a tour and travel agency. You run a blog, and create blog posts on a regular basis featuring the experiences of various travelers with your travel agency. This is a form of content marketing. Now, you share the links of your blog posts and testimonies of your customers on various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr, which is what is known as social media marketing. Now, say you start sending emails to your existing and potential customers about new offers, developments or expansion of the array of services you offer, then this would constitute email marketing. In all the above three forms of marketing, what is common is the usage of digital mediums and digital platforms. A wide number of companies have risen that provide assistance in forming digital marketing strategies. JP 360 Solutions that can be reached at is one such name that requires special mention in this context.

Note below some of the digital marketing best practices to be followed in the upcoming years:

  • Content: Content is everywhere. Text, videos, audios, infographics, and so on. Internet users are bored with the similar type of content which is found on every other platform. For marketers to stand out, it is very crucial for them to focus their content. A focused content or a content that focuses on a specific target audience’s specific needs has the power to connect with the audience. The audience can easily filter a general content. So, if you are marketing for a physical fitness studio, instead of talking about how to lose weight in general, talk about how various combinations of diet and physical activities for working professionals or house makers can bring the desired change. Such focused content can draw the attention of the target audience.


  • Search Engine Optimization: This is all about the online visibility of your content. You may have a great product and service to offer, and also a great website that rightly showcases what you have to offer. But, if your website content is not optimized for the search engine, then your target audience will not be able to reach your website, hence depriving you of the traffic that your content deserves. It is very crucial to regularly update your SEO and keep revisiting your SEO techniques to keep up with the changes in the search engine algorithms. Keep a regular check on the keywords that can help your audience reach your content.


  • Blogging: This is considered as a very effective tool for lead generation. Every blog post you add to your website increases the probability of your audience reaching you. Quality content is still considered as the most crucial for search engine optimization. The higher the quality of content, the more people tend to spend time on your content and the more they share it on various media platforms, and hence, better are the chances of audience converting into customers. Also, a content that serves a purpose or that is solution centric tends to add value to the readers, hence gets spread more and more.


  • Social media analysis: Social media is a very important platform for any marketer. In fact, social media marketing has risen as a completely exclusive form of digital marketing. A lot of effort goes into this direction as it acts as an open forum for one and all. What is equally important is measuring the results of such efforts. Unless you measure and analyze the effects of all the efforts that you have invested in social media marketing, such efforts go in vain. Measure and track how the audience had taken all your activities. Did they like it or not, what do the comments infer, how far did it get spread, and so on.


  • Mobile marketing: The increase in the use of mobile phones when compared to personal computers has been phenomenal in the recent past. The number of mobile users and people using the internet on phones has increased manifold. This gives a strong reason to digital marketers to focus on mobile marketing. It is highly recommended to create mobile device friendly web content, personalized ads, creating native mobile messages and so on. Although converting leads into real customers still pose a big challenge, mobile marketing has a long way to go.


  • Data transparency and data protection:This has always been a very crucial part of any agreement of terms and conditions. The importance of data protection has got even more crucial owing to the developments and advancements in technology, where a breach of privacy is no longer a big deal. It is important to offer enough data security, to encrypt personalized conversations, delete data when requested by users, getting sufficient permission before accessing any personal information, to make clear what all data will you be accessing, ease of withdrawing permissions and adhering to rules and regulations of the concerned country.

Time changes fast, technology advances even faster. Trends keep changing every year, keeping the digital marketers on their toes. If you don’t change, you are out of the game. Certain strategies remain ever important, while newer strategies keep adding up as per the trends and changes in the behavior of users. The key is to keepchanging, and keep getting better!