How to use SEO Expert in Your Rebranding Campaign


Every business needs to rebrand after some time and this also applies for your website. Rebranding helps you achieve the business objectives in a changing landscape. If your company is taking a new direction it is always good to leverage the move and give your customers a new look.  Whether you are making the rebranding move due to slow business or the older look is not relevant anymore the role of your search engine optimization (SEO) expert cannot be gainsaid.

Your SEO consultant comes in handy when you are rebranding to ensure your ranking does not suffer. Rebranding your website is a tricky proposition because of the potential loss of that high ranking that you have invested in for so long. Any wrong move can be detrimental to the future performance of your business hence the need to talk to an SEO consultant before making the new move.

Here are some strategies your SEO expert will try out to ensure ranking doesn’t tank:

  1. Retaining your URL: This is the best decision but at times it might not work especially where you are changing the business name.
  2. Preserve your web content: Over the years you have created lots of content and it is important to either preserve the same or replicate it to suit your new direction. For instance retaining headings on your pages can go a long way in protecting your ranking on SERPs.
  3. Avoid shutting the older page: This is the worst decision you can make because it leaves your existing audience in suspense. While all efforts should be on your new site it is advisable to leave the older one in place for some time.
  4. Redirect your visitors: The good thing about leaving your highly ranking site intact is that it allows you to easily redirect visitors to your new site. It might not be possible to redirect old pages to the exact new ones butt your SEO consultant will help you redirect them to the most relevant sections. It is advisable to retain the same URL structure as this will make redirects easier.
  5. Go hard on marketing: This is where hard work comes into play to get your brand noticed.

There is a lot that goes into rebranding but luckily your SEO strategist will be at hand to help you get it right.