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Explore Expert Tips for Boosting SEO for Your Travel Website

With the phenomenal growth in the use and popularity of Internet-savvy devices and smartphones, more and more consumers are relying on online platforms for catering to their travel requirements. Today, the travel industry has become a highly competitive and dynamic landscape and travel agencies particularly the smaller ones need to work with more dedication and enthusiasm to tackle competition in the market and attract business online. Small travel agencies need to have a robust travel SEO stratagem if they wish their brand to be visible among the top few search engine results.

Most vacationers leave their choice of destination to the Internet and they restrict their options strictly to only those sites that are visible on the search results’ first page. In such a situation travel agencies are left with a couple of options only. SEO, when done in the right manner, could prove to be a long-term and robust marketing strategy that could help a travel site or agency to achieve the top rankings on the Search Engine Rankings Page.

Do Meticulous Keyword Research

This may sound like an old stratagem but then even today, whenever somebody decides to go on a vacation or has any travel plans, he would, first of all, Google his requirement. It surely pays to dedicate your efforts and attention to keyword research and accordingly generate appropriate content using those keywords for boosting your travel site’s ranking and getting more web clicks. However, you would be penalized by Google if you stuff the content with useless information and keywords only. Here are some expert tips.

  • You must opt for an optimum keyword density for garnering maximum views.
  • Avoid over-optimization and over-stuffing. Use just three to four keywords per page.
  • You may consider targeting long tail keywords.
  • Try incorporating the keyword in the article title but it must make some sense and should not be injected forcefully.
  • Use keywords in the title tag, Meta description, and alt tags.
  • Choose the keywords carefully and with wisdom.
  • Keep track of your competitor’s keywords. You must focus on a detailed and comprehensive analysis.

Focus on Content Optimization: Use Top Quality Targeted Topical Content

There are millions of travel and tourism sites that are vying for customer attention and practically all tourist hot spots and destinations are covered by all travel sites and travel agencies. It is quite possible for packages and destination information to overlap hence, it is mandatory on your part to employ the services of superlative content writers and copywriters for generating enticing and engaging content. Once you are ready with the best keywords, go ahead and create unparalleled content so that you could get a higher ranking on the results’ page. You must come up with some path breaking content. The pages must be structured well. If you provide engaging content and hot tourism topics, more and more potential customers would be attracted to your site and chances of conversions are pretty high in such cases. All this would prove to the readers that you are an authority on this topic and help in boosting conversions in the long run.

Make Your Travel Agency’s Official Website Mobile-Friendly

As per, you need to focus on being mobile first in response to the phenomenal rise in the total number of mobile users accessing the Internet. Your travel and tourism website would be thronged by mobile Internet users. Customers would be booking tickets from their smartphones and other mobile devices and in all probability; they would be carrying their mobile devices around. Hence, you must be abreast with the latest mobile ranking factors of Google and you need to be prepared to make your site mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized for attracting more customers and keeping engaged. Here are a few tips to create a mobile-friendly travel site.

  • Use responsive and intuitive web design so that your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Cut down the page loading time. Your website must be created on the lines of the AMP format to enable incredible page loading speeds for retaining customers and potential customers.
  • Focus on optimizing all your pictures. Use the smaller file size to ensure faster page loads. You need to strike the perfect balance between the picture’s quality, size, and dimensions.
  • Avoid small text. You must use legible and clear fonts. Your text must be big enough for visitors to read effortlessly.
  • Avoid using flash animation as it does not help in boosting your Houston SEO in any way.
  • You must avoid intrusive and unnecessary interstitials. You would be penalized for using any other type of interstitials which may be disrupting the overall user experience.

Barnacle SEO

In the event, your domain is lacking the power and capability of ranking for the most popular and competitive travel industry terms, you must look for certain editorial sites which would give you the permission to share your content and contribute in some way or the other. You may start guest blogging once you identify a reputed travel blog. You must look for relevant travel blog with which your target audience could connect. Choose a blog that is gaining higher rankings for competitive terms. You could try and seek permission to share an in-depth and well-researched article that focuses on targeting the keyword you wish to rank for.


You must leverage the power of the versatile and vibrant social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Social media has been playing a pivotal role in motivating people to travel. We know that there are numerous historical landmarks and places of mesmerizing natural beauty. Even a single stunning picture could inspire people to pack their bags and step out for an adventurous and fun-filled vacation. Often vacationers share their travel experiences using striking pictures and captions on Instagram and Facebook. Hence, the cycle goes on. You must always remember that there is a fantastic synergy between visual media and social networking sites. We know that the travel and tourism trade has lots to flaunt and that certainly is a convincing reason to exploit the social channels for promoting your travel agency. You must try and obtain positive customer reviews that would be going a long way in boosting overall brand image and reputation. Keep track of negative reviews and take remedial action. Travel sites must realize that SEO is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. Hence, it pays to stay abreast with the latest trends and ever-changing algorithms.