That Extra Step to Impress your Consumers: Urban Wallscape Marketing Techniques

Marketing and advertising have been around for ages. Today, any brand has to take the extra step to carve out their niche among hundreds of competitors. Traditional advertising may not be obsolete just yet, but a veteran marketing expert can see the ebbing signs. Due to the rapidly changing lifestyle of the target crowd, print ads and TVCs no longer hold the same impact they used to. Companies need to attract the attention of their target customers when they are on the move. Aside from mobile marketing, the only way to achieve that is by engaging in outdoor marketing.

Why do you need new ways to hold the attention of the potential customer?

Event marketing and pop-up promotions were the leading methods to hold the attention of a potential customer. The average millennial has the attention span shorter than that of a goldfish – only 6 seconds! It is in your hands to steal the show within those few seconds and hold their focus long enough to drive your message home. People are so used to the conventional bus-stand adverts, physical stands, and backlit hoardings that to woo them; you have to think a little. 

Why is wallscaping more useful for marketing within the city?

The problem is severe in the busy urban areas. People in NYC or LA do not have the time to turn their TVs on during the day or turn the pages of the day’s newspaper. Relaxation time with magazines and supplement pages has become a long lost dream in these cities. Here, brands need the assistance of an experiential marketing agency Los Angeles, who can think outside the box. The new era of marketing is about breaking the norms and stepping outside the conventional media. It is about making use of spaces that have been lying dormant for years.

With experiential marketing techniques, you should be able to leverage the power of a prominent building or even an imposing boundary for your brand’s benefit. Ambient advertising has a potential that no other forms of advertising have to date. The element of surprise and the sheer courage of utilizing an outdoor environment for promoting your brand or your products do the job of grabbing eyeballs. There are probably tens of such potential wallscapes in your locality right now, and hundreds more are emerging as you read this.

How to measure the efficacy of your outdoor marketing strategy right now?

An easy way to measure the effectiveness of an outdoor marketing technique like static or digital wallscaping is through the use of the street-feed. You can get an average idea about the footfall in the area during the screening to estimate the brand’s reach. Another more natural way is to connect your outdoor marketing stint to your social media marketing campaign via hashtags. Monitoring your brand’s social mention can help you measure the quantitative reach of your experiential campaign. You can achieve the same by seamlessly integrating your mobile media with your urban-landscape marketing campaigns.