Google updates – Plan your strategies and reap the benefits by picking up the cues early

Every marketer knows how important it is to create and maintain a steady flow of good content to support the SEO campaign.  While the emphasis is on having access to the right resources for content availability, equal emphasis is required for marketing content so that it grabs eyeballs quickly and goes into circulation across the web through sharing.  However, creating quality content is not easy unless you have trained content developers to do it for you.

While in the early stages of your business, when the scale of operation is small, some people can take the onus of creating content upon themselves. But, as the business grows, you would need more and better content. Then there is the need for complying with Google updates. This is when you need to tie up with some content writing service for maintaining a steady supply of fresh content. In this article, we will explore how Google updates affect content and other aspects of SEO.

SEO is constantly changing

Google algorithm updates are largely responsible for the restless nature of SEO that seems never to be at peace with itself.  Google continuously focus on user needs to enable the search engine to provide the most appropriate information that would delight users. Google makes continuous changes to search algorithms through updates for catering efficiently to the changing user behavior.  Search algorithms thus undergo continuous improvement, and you have to align the SEO campaign with it to ensure that you adopt the best practices. It means that SEO keeps changing to stay tuned with the latest Google guidelines based on the updates, some of which can have a remarkable impact on the marketing campaign.

User experience and fair business practice

While providing better user experience is a major reason for updates, another reason is to put an end to black hat practices that threaten the goals of fair business practices.  By changing the search algorithm, Google wants to eradicate unfair SEO practices that have earned a bad name in the industry. Updates help to maintain the sanctity of search engines that promise to provide a level playing field to all. Until now, Google’s Panda and Penguin, together with Hummingbird and Page Rank have been the most talked about updates that have changed the rules of online marketing. We now await the arrival of Google’s mobile-first indexing that is going to be a game changer for SEO.

Stay in tune with Panda

Google continuously refine its search algorithms to ensure that they can provide the highest level of satisfaction to users. Users want to gather information from the content that conveys value to them for which they turn to search engines. To ensure it, Google launched the Panda update with the sole purpose of weeding out poor quality content that had flooded the internet and emphasized the need for high-quality content.  Thus, it became mandatory for marketers to pay more attention to content creation so that they comply with the Google guidelines. Inability to produce good quality content would attract Google penalty that would jeopardize the marketing prospects, which no one would dare.  

Comply with what Penguin wants

The purpose of Penguin update was to bring an end to the manipulative practices in building backlink profiles. The update directed marketers to pursue good quality links only without trying to impress search engines by gathering lots of poor quality incoming links.  Earning links organically from quality websites is what Google wants, and the Penguin update comes down heavily websites with too many poor-quality links. If you acquire links just for the sake of it, which usually involves some clandestine means, Google will penalize you, and it would be a huge setback for marketing.

Quality attracts quality, and for acquiring good quality links, you have to create high-quality content that attracts other websites. On finding enough merit in the content, other websites would naturally come forward to send links to your website, and this is exactly what Google wants.

The underlying link between Panda and Penguin

The objectives of Panda and Penguin are quite different. However, on taking a closer look at the impact of the updates and the resultant actions that marketers have to take to ensure compliance, you would discover an interesting interconnection between the two.  Both updates point to the need for creating quality content. While Panda points directly to the need for quality content, Penguin does it indirectly. While pushing for quality incoming links, Penguin falls back on quality content for ensuring it.

 For maintaining the momentum gained in marketing, you have to respect what Google wants. By complying with the updates, you stay confident of leading an honest marketing campaign without any shades of black or grey.  Being compliant with Google’s ways, you would reaffirm your faith in honest marketing that can pay back well.