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Health checkup for your business: Invest in SEO analysis to score against your eCommerce competitors

Small businesses comprise almost 99.8% of all New York-based businesses. Sadly, only about 50% of these businesses survive the first five years and carry on to see long-term success. Apart from poor management, poor financial management, improper business planning, and lack of an understanding of consumer needs are the top four reasons businesses fail all over the US.

The fifth reason for failure that very few entrepreneurs are ready to talk about is the lack of a proper digital marketing model. Almost all small businesses face a constant threat from eCommerce sites that target the same audiences. However, most eCommerce sites have robust infrastructure, dedicated online marketing teams, and strategized SEO.

Why does your small business need an online presence?

It has become more critical than ever for small businesses to focus on search engine optimization or SEO to fight back! The only way you can thwart the competition posed by the online enterprises is by creating a strong online presence without emptying your entire operations budget. So, how can a new small business like yours achieve that?

The first step is to device an SEO strategy. Even when you do not have an eCommerce website, you must have an online presence so your internet-using potential buyers can spot you. Whether you have a page on Facebook, a dedicated profile on Instagram or followership on Twitter, you need to optimize them all to show up on the Google SERP when a potential buyer searches for a product or service you offer.

Relevance is the most significant factor that drives visitors to any page and sales for a brand. The moment you establish an online presence for yourself, including that on social media, Google and similar search engines will begin tracking the content. However, even if you hire a third-party SEO expert for managing your digital presence, it can take from weeks to months to show any difference in your sales.

Do you need expert help to track your SEO status?

Tracking traffic to a website or scoring sales numbers are not the only ways to track SEO changes. The advanced tools make it quick and easy for all in-house or third-party SEO teams to track the growth of a company online via other metrics. SEO analysis is easy enough for any entrepreneur with a couple of hours in hand to master as well. Standard SEO analysis can help your brand reach new audiences, rank higher, attract more relevant traffic, and meet the sales goals every quarter.

SEO analysis is a must-have for every enterprise in New York if they want to make it past the initial five years of struggle. It can tell you which digital marketing strategies are currently working for your brand and which ones you need to revisit. SEO analysis can track your keyword performances and tell you how your PPC campaigns are performing this quarter. If you want to launch a new marketing strategy before the holidays, proper analysis can tell you which route you should take and which audience you must target.

While SEO analysis is easy enough for anyone to learn, the interpretation of the bulk data generated poses a significant challenge for the novice analysts. That is when the need for professional New York SEO Company or teams arise. They have the necessary toolset for analyzing the tremendous volumes of data and transforming them into actionable information for the site owners.

In most cases, analytics tools generate percentages, and numbers against key performance indicators (KPIs). These bear little meaning unless someone is there to translate them in terms an entrepreneur can comprehend. For examples, an average bounce rate of 45 to 55% can sound vague, unless someone explains to the site owner that around 50% of the people visiting the site are leaving quickly without browsing any further. Additionally, the NY SEO teams have the resources to investigate the reasons for high bounce rates and ameliorate the situation for the enterprise website.

Be careful of your site associations

Digital marketing and SEO analysis go hand in hand. Just like in the case of traditional advertising, the reputation of a brand matters in digital times. Google not only considers how well-maintained and easy-to-use a website is, but the king of search engines also reviews the associated websites (links) of a brand. Link building can seem easy if you are taking advice from black hatters. In real life, finding and building high-authority links is not just tricky, but it can also cost you a pretty penny to find digital marketing agencies in NY, who can do that for you.

When you are hiring an SEO team from NY, ensure that they include link verification, link health checkups, and link building within their monthly SEO analysis budget. Any functional website can lose all value and traffic unless it has worthy links. Links are among the top three ranking signals, according to Google. In fact, other leading search engines also consider both outbound and inbound links to be strong signals for determining a website rank.

At the same time, all search engines consider dubious links to spammy sites or websites with a history of hacking to be negative signals. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful while choosing your linking sites. One sure-shot way of getting the best links in your sector is by leaving it to the SEO professionals. They will help you build your link profile and at the same time, track them regularly using premium tracking tools.

Drafting an SEO strategy has become imperative for any business that wants a digital presence, just like its e-commerce competitors. It is not even necessary for that business to offer online sales, booking, or delivery. As long as the buyers of the digital generation can see your business when they Google a product, service, or locality, it acts as an organic advertisement. SEO is all about boosting prominence, and you need a reliable and fail-proof SEO strategy as soon as possible to draw more customers to your store!