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Practical Content and SEO Expert Marketing Advice for When Your Resolutions Fail

Once again, the new year is upon us, and with it an assortment of resolutions from many well-meaning people. Start a healthy diet, exercise regularly, improve relationships with family, get off social media, be more mindful, watch less TV…

It’s no secret that these pledges fall apart before comes knocking with a boxful of chocolates and Netflix premiers that spin-off of your favorite Marvel series.

But we’re not here to judge those who fail to keep their resolution. Nor are we here to urge to set overly ambitious goals for next year. In this article, we share some inspiring yet pragmatic content and SEO marketing advice based on what we learnt throughout the year.

Let’s get into it.

  1. Slim down your content

The content available online keeps ballooning every year. Every day, tens of zettabytes finds its way into the internet. As some put it, if one gigabyte is an 11-ounce cup of coffee, then one zettabyte is the Great Wall of China. Consider trimming your content and focus on improving the quality.

If you stuff product info into your website, newsletter, or blog, it’s time for some pruning. There’s a time and place to share that information with your audience. Hoisting all your content up on your audience at every opportunity is not the way to win them.

Find way of using technologies such as AI to fast-track your content processes to automate routine tasks and improve accuracy. This frees you up to focus on tasks that humans excel at: fostering relationships, sharing powerful stories, and showing empathy.

  1. Start exercising your authority

Among the things all ultra-successful marketers have in common is frequently carrying out original research. Doing so lends them trust, credibility, and relevance. As a strategy, carrying out original research is highly effective and extremely scalable.

A good place to start your research is an assumption that is often made in the industry but isn’t backed by data. Research the topic, dissect the results, and use the conclusion to generate actionable content in the form of a useful research-backed video series or report, easily understood infographics, engaging podcast topics, or keynote.

  1. Don’t be afraid to have fun

We all want more excitement in our lives. SEO expert marketers achieve this by humanizing their content. Consider changing the way you think about content and the way you deliver it. Your audience wants their experience with your content to be more connected.

Useful as traditional guidebooks may be, users today have a strong preference for interactive, connected, social content that reflects experiences in their personal lives. Leading marketing rely on interactive content because it ignites engagement.

Of course, for your content to be fun, you might have to take more risks to deliver both value and entertainment in a way that gives your audience a voice and allows them to participate. Adopt a mentality of connecting with human beings rather than data points to deliver an immersive experience.

  1. Embrace members of your team more often

A collaborative process is highly impactful when creating excellent content. Most brands rely on the conventional linear assembly-line approaching to generating content. Each member of the team does their part and hands off the content, blindly at times, to the next person. To be sure, this strategy works well when efficiency is your top priority.

However, if your aim is to create powerful content, consider the “group hug” method. In this approach, content planners, editors, writers, developers, designers, and promoters work together as a team in real time and challenge each other.

Brands that adopt this strategy encourage their team members to frequently veer outside their lanes, resulting in some of the most impactful, creative content. If you want your content to impact, engage, and surprise your customers your audience, encourage your team members to move outside their comfort zone and embrace their colleagues.

No over-optimistic promises, just practical steps

Resolutions can work provided you’re not making them for the sake of making them. As with any other business objective, you have to put some thought into them. Aim to have a firmer grip on your content and team. Make your content leaner and more authoritative. Encourage team members to have fun and not isolate themselves.