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SEO Changes & Trends That Should Be Influencing Business in 2021 Post COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, people encountered challenges like never before, and they had to make modifications in practically all aspects of their lives. People are getting a vaccination and the impact of the pandemic will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Many of these changes are here to stay permanently as people have been compelled to reassess all aspects of their businesses and lives. SEO professionals have been impacted by the pandemic as well. One unanticipated outcome of the COVID-19 global pandemic has been the fact that business has understood the advantages of SEO. As per Google Search data, there has been a sharp rise in the interest in SEO during the pandemic. Organizations have turned to SEO in their efforts at staying visible, viable, and relevant.

Businesses can no longer undermine the pivotal role played by SEO in attracting potential customers to their websites. SEO is instrumental in boosting the online visibility of your business website on Google search results. Thus, SEO can generate organic traffic and drive them to your official website. With the technology scenario constantly evolving, the world of SEO is evolving too. Let us explore the importance of SEO and the current SEO trends after the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Importance of SEO

As per Forbes, SEO is undoubted, a key component in generating online visibility. SEO is extremely important in terms of generating online content. SEO could use strategically by businesses of driving organic traffic, optimizing user experience, and boosting revenue. Moreover, SEO is an effective technique for ensuring that your organization achieves a higher SERP ranking. When relevant industry keywords are used on search. SEO is pocket-friendly, and you can achieve a higher ranking on the Google Search Engine Results Page. Without upsetting your marketing budgets for the month.

Know the Way COVID-19 Has Impacted Businesses 

Even though several businesses have suffered tremendously because of the ongoing onslaught of the global pandemic. These dire circumstances and unprecedented times seem to be providing unique opportunities to go ahead. Perform effective Search Engine Optimization. Every potential customer has been impacting by the pandemic and a business that is successful in creating content. That is pretty much relevant to the experiences of the customer surely favors in search. Organizations are not only posting regularly about what they are currently working on, but they are also keeping customers updated about the impact of COVID-19 on their industry as a whole. 

Explore Current SEO Trends 

Growing Focus on Local

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus on supporting and promoting local businesses. It has made SEO for local SERP much more critical. You could boost local SEO by taking small steps like generating new information and updating regularly your page on Google My Business with relevant information. It could prove helpful in ranking well ahead of your competitors and driving more and more traffic to your official website and eventually to your business.

Increased Emphasis on Gaining a Competitive Edge

As businesses are bouncing back after the initial impact of the global pandemic, we are assessing how many of them will be restoring their SEO budgets and put emphasis on organic marketing. In the event your competitors are failing to focus on Search Engine Optimization or are minimizing or curbing their efforts because of the pandemic, regular maintenance will be boosting your overall presence in almost 3.5 searches that seem to be performing daily.

Growing Preference for E-Commerce

Thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic and the associated lockdown or social distancing, physical stores are operating at limited capacity currently. However, e-commerce businesses are having a gala time. They are experiencing unprecedented sales. This culminates in the idea that the search algorithm of Google has been adjusting for matching what consumers are wanting during quarantine.

Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

Mobile-first indexing was initially introduced way back in 2019. It is still making sense and is quite relevant in 2021. There are about 2 billion users who are accessing the Internet using their smartphones only. It is estimated that by 2025 almost three-fourths of web users are browsing the Internet solely via their smartphones. Today more and more users are searching via a mobile devices. If you do not perform SEO from your mobile and stick just to desktops, you may enjoy a higher desktop ranking but a poor mobile ranking. It is crucial to focus your attention on mobile SEO at present if you want booming sales and conversions.

Zero-Click Search

However, You cannot underestimate or ignore local search listings. Experts feel that local SEO is critical thanks to the steady increase in zero-click searches. Several zero-click searches seem to be local; hence, it is of pivotal importance to focus on creating a robust backlink profile and setting up an impressive account on Google My Business.

More Inclination towards Voice Search

As per Google, a whopping 27 percent of the overall global population seems to be using voice search on smartphones. Moreover, over 50 percent of today’s smartphone users seem to be engaging actively with the present voice search technology. Voice search is all set to dramatically change how the entire universe interacts currently with search engines. We understand that conversation sampling is taking place on an everyday basis.AI is heading towards a world where you may have answers to queries even before users ask them. Also, It is going to alter the SEO landscape for good. The ultimate objective for anything seems to be making it far more effective and efficient, and we are sure that voice will achieve this goal.


SEO is becoming more and more complicated by the day. Just focusing on keyword optimization and paying attention to Meta titles do not seem to work. Thanks to the present SEO trends, you need to focus your attention on everything right from mobile web optimization to videos and voice control. You must realize that metrics are dynamic and are changing constantly. Focus on staying on top of the SERP and use the best SEO tools for gaining the relevant information for guiding a clever SEO stratagem.