Understanding 2016’s most dominant trends

SEO will help online stores to secure more direct traffic, and you can optimize particular product pages in order to direct your traffic to the most popular and profitable pages with high conversion rates. As new practices come into the field, the most successful sites are those whose SEO experts keep track of these changes and leverage them to give the business a competitive edge. Below are 2016’s most dominant trends:

  1. Video content

With the increase in mobile devices, platforms that offer video sharing options and Wi-Fi availability, internet users are asking for more video content. Other than just the high potential to go viral, video shows up in search results as rich media (if uploaded on YouTube) and therefore increases chances of a business being found online.

If you are yet to start uploading video content on your blog and product pages, then you are far behind and need to jump on this bandwagon before your competition does it. Video content, as has been proven by the film industry over the last few decades, is going to be even more popular. Take advantage of the opportunity to use it to boost your business’s exposure and bottom line.

  1. Mobile Optimization

This is about providing great content and user experience to users on mobile devices who are growing by the day as compared to PC users. Mobile optimization is gradually adopting app optimization, which with Google’s efforts in app streaming will mean e-commerce platforms developing their own mobile platforms just to survive.

  1. Digital assistants and Voice search

More and more people are using voice searches on Google, using voice messages on WhatsApp and digital assistants at the office. With features, such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Now, every tech company now boasts a digital assistant. Savvy marketers are now capitalizing on this trend by offering better optimization for long phrases in their industries.

It is easy to ignore trends in the belief that they are passing fads. However, as has been seen with each of these trends, those who adopt and innovate fast enough end up reaping the fruits before competitors saturate the space. The risk in monetary terms is negligible, as these are mostly content-focused approaches (other than creation of apps). The gains however can be very significant. Make your campaigns relevant to today’s user and you will benefit.