YouTube Optimization Tricks Every SEO Expert Mumbai Should Try

Do you know that YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine? Posting good videos in YouTube can help you attract millions of customers towards your site. However, the problem with YouTube is that it is overcrowded. There are thousands of videos on various subjects and thus, getting the top spot on YouTube SERP is a huge challenge. If you think that your video will automatically go “viral”, then you are making a big mistake. Just like any other search engine, you need to know the optimization techniques to capture maximum viewers’ attention.

Although YouTube’s ranking measurement system is not as complicated as Google, it is not something that you can easily influence. When it comes to ranking, YouTube considers some of these factors- title tag, bounce rate, keywords, length of the video, comments, subscribers and a few other things.

Let’s try to understand how you can optimize your videos for YouTube and increase traffic rate.

Write long video descriptions: Neither YouTube nor Google can actually watch your video. So, you need to inform the search engines what your video is all about. Therefore, write long video descriptions and use keywords to help YouTube rank your videos properly. Mix short keywords with long tail keywords so that no matter what users search for, YouTube’s search algorithm always points to your content. Make sure that video description is not less than 200 words.

Select “video keywords”: If you search Google regularly, then you must have noticed that Google SERP shows video results for some keywords. Here is an example. If you type ‘pizza cooking” in Google, it will show 3-4 YouTube video links with some article links. Why? Because if someone is searching for the pizza preparation process, then he or she wants to see how it is prepared. So, when you decide the keyword for your video, try to find out relevant video keywords that can be used with your content. If used correctly, ranking will improve significantly.

Share your video in LinkedIn: YouTube pays close attention to viewership to determine the quality of a video. People often post serious questions in LinkedIn and you can answer their queries with your video. Write a few lines to solve his/her query and then share your video link saying ‘to know more you can watch this”. Since you are truly helping, people will be eager to watch your video.

Ask for subscription and likes: At the end of every video, request people to subscribe to your channel and give likes. If you are a seasoned SEO expert Mumbai, then you should know that call to action is necessary to increase viewership and more viewership means boost in traffic.

Use keywords in playlists: In your YouTube channel, keep your videos organized in playlists and use keywords to name the playlists. This technique helps YouTube recognize the content of all the videos in each playlist.

Follow the suggestions mentioned above and you will notice improvements. Do you have any other YouTube optimization ideas? Share your thoughts with us.