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3 Content Writing Tips you can learn from Cosmo Magazine

In case you think there is nothing you can learn from ‘that Cosmo Women’s Magazine’, consider that the magazine is distributed to more than 199 countries globally, with 64 international editions published in 35 languages. Whether or not you like it, this magazine is doing something right, even though you inherently distrust that dating advice column.

Cosmo is currently the world’s best-selling magazine for young and middle-aged women. Below are three tips you can glean and leverage for your own site to help you secure the kind of avid readership the periodical giants enjoy:

  1. The titling trick

Every Cosmo cover has two title types – numbered lists and questions. This is no mistake. A title such as “16 Ways to get the Ring” pique the reader’s attention and isn’t that what you want, ultimately? Question titles like “Is your Dream Man getting away from you?” automatically engages the reader’s attention, even if the consciously consider themselves “above that”. And this strategy works for topics of all kinds, not just dating advice.

  1. Create practical content

Cosmo has majored on producing highly actionable content, from how to fix frizzy dry hair in winter to clothing faux-pas to of course, dating related fix-its. The magazine is full of detailed, actionable and practical content to help readers take care of a day-to-day problem.

Look at your target audience carefully and determine what problems they may be facing in personal or professional life, then generate content with practical solutions to meet that challenge. If you still think you can’t that’s exactly what we’ve done in this article, and here you are reading it!

  1. Invoke emotion

Cosmo has majored in creating an emotional connection with their reader. From ‘scary things no one want to talk about’ to ‘derogatory comments one group makes about another group’ to “scary things you must never let your Gyno do”, Cosmo knows how to invoke an emotional reaction from their readers.

Emotions hook readers, so focus on titles and content that will elicit some emotion from the reader – most commonly anger, outrage or fear. This will attract more traffic to your content, but it will also provide ammo for a real fired up engagement in the comments section after, and generate a buzz with viral social sharing.

Just a disclaimer, ensure you do your research to ensure what you’re saying is true. You want to invoke emotion, not start a bloodbath.


Clearly, a lot of people other than lovelorn teenagers can learn from Cosmo. Good luck making these tips work for you By