3 Must-have Skills to look for in an SEO expert

If you are launching an online business or you are already at you need to appreciate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). You will be surprised to know that millions of websites are launched daily but most of them don’t achieve their objectives due to poor SEO strategies. If you rely on web traffic to make money then make sure you have an SEO consultant working for you. These specialists bring experience and expertise to improve your ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Well, there are thousands of SEOs out there and making the right choice can be herculean task. Whatever you do make sure you take time to assess the reputation of your SEO expertby seeking references and also reading client testimonials. Here are some of the skills to look for before hiring your SEO consultant:

  1. IT Skills

Before hiring make sure you assess what the consultant has done before. They must be fully aware of the trends in IT and more importantly Google algorithm updates. A good SEO consultant should have a solid background in HTML coding, web design, knowledge of how the internet works and everything else to do with ecommerce.

  1. Analytical Skills

A lot of data is involved in SEO and you should look for a person with a rich background in statistics, data collection and analysis. While IT is a big part of SEO the ability to collect, use and manage data comes in handy.  You want your SEO consultant to recognize trends form the analytic tools being deployed. The results will help improve your site’s performance.

  1. Good Communication Skills

SEO involves a lot of back and forth communication. As the client you need constant updates on the project. A good SEO must possess speaking and writing skills to ensure a good working relationship.  If you are bringing in an SEO specialist make sure they are good communicators in order to maintain a strong working environment with your team.

A good SEO consultant must be well versed in programming include PHP, JavaScript, web hosting, and database management among other areas. Go on and hire a highly skilled SEO consultant to improve your website’s performance.