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3 Secrets to Write a Killer PPC Ad


The concept of PPC ad is very popular among the online marketers as it helps them attract only those customers who are genuinely interested in the products or services a company is offering. Every time an ad is clicked by the end users, the marketer has to pay the ad platform. When PPC campaigns work perfectly, the profit margin is huge. For example, if you are selling iPhone and each ad costs $1, then even if 5 people out of 10 clicks buy an iPhone, you will make significant income.

A PPC ad consists of 3 things- one headline, body text and a URL. The message must be short and interesting because if the ad copy does not engage the prospective buyers, your PPC campaign will fail.

Here are some techniques to craft a killer PPC ad copy.

  1. Use persuasive words: Choose the words carefully, because the way you present your marketing message can either boost your campaign or fail it miserably.
  • You– There is nothing more attention grabbing than addressing each buyer personally. When the word “you” is used in the ad copy, the buyer feels you are talking to him only.
  • Because– It explains them why they need to take an action and buy your product or service. People like to have a reason for what they do. Hence, give them a reason to click.
  • Fast/Instantly/Immediately- These words create a sense of urgency and also make people believe that they will get the result of their action very quickly. For example, “Are you worried about credit card debt? We offer fast solutions and help you lead a debt free life. Contact us immediately.”
  1. Use action/ emotion generating words: You can tell the customers directly to take an action or elicit emotion through words so that they take an action. For example, “Download our app now” or “Missing the youthful days? Try our wrinkle removing cream.”
  1. Use numbers: When you use numbers in your ad copy, it helps the users understand exactly how much they are going to spend or the accurate quantity of item they are going to get if they click on your PPC advertisement. For example-
  • Pay $19.99 to download unlimited movies for 30 days
  • 30 piece dinner set is available for $50. Offer valid for 24 hours only.

A PPC ad copy may not contain more than 50-60 words, but just like old telegram messages, each word is valuable. You should hire a professional PPC company to manage your ad campaign as they know many more copywriting tricks and can help you get excellent ROI. In case, you own a startup and managing your PPC ad campaign without any professional help, pay attention to the suggestions shared here.