3 Lessons SEO Experts Should Learn about Technical SEO

The importance of technical SEO efforts for an SEO campaign covers a little more than just makeup or superficial dressing. The following are some important lessons SEOs should learn about it.

  1. It is not superficial

Technical SEO is fundamentally required for websites of all sizes that want to rank well in organic search. You can have great content, but unless the search engine can crawl and index your site, you will not be able to rank for any query. Technical SEO involves understanding the way that search engine crawlers access and evaluate page content within websites – speed of response, where they crawl and how content is rendered among others. If the crawlers aren’t able to accomplish any of these, you are negatively affecting your ability to draw organic traffic. SEO Experts needn’t devote many hours to technical SEO for every site; the important thing is to ensure that you have all the important elements and aspects in place.

  1. It should be where you start

If you have a problem with indexing, that’s the first thing that needs to be solved before moving on to other SEO aspects. People whose problems can be traced back to technical issues on solving them witness huge returns and remarkable improvements in their ranking. The first step when taking on a new client is a technical audit to determine whether or not their pages are actually being indexed. If not, just getting indexed even before high rankings can be a big win for that client. Working in combination with other strategies such as content and promotion, such clients can have their sites improved vastly.

  1. It does more than just fixing problems

Many SEOs believe that the purpose of technical SEO is to primarily fix what is broken. While the largest part of technical SEO does involve identifying and fixing problems with site performance, massive opportunities can be opened up through correct use of technical SEO. For instance, you can use technical SEO to implement pages in your site that offer you products and/or services outside your country. Technical SEO must be applied during site migrations, which must be done without negatively affecting site visibility, traffic and rankings.

Technical SEO is just as important a strategy as content creation and promotion among other SEO tactics. By understanding this, you’ll be able to serve clients much better in future.