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3 Trends from an SEO Expert

Search and content marketing will remain dynamic in the coming year, with some major changes in the pipeline. There will be a shift to the use of social and search data in content creation as opposed to content for its own sake.  The technical side will help brands to focus their energies behind the curtains even though content will still play a central role in conversion of customers.

  1. Site Layout Will Have Bigger Impact

With time, engagement is becoming more significant when it comes to content. The competition is fierce and brands are forced to engage visitors more if they are to come back and ultimately be converted.

This is where layout comes in, especially since approximately 50 percent of potential clients are lost because of frustration in finding search items.

Optimizing the site both for visiting and conversion therefore means that navigation will be easier. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many people click on different pages only to log out within a short span of time?
  • Are there pages that are never visited?
  • How are visitors generally reacting to published content?

To overcome this obstacle, organize the site better, with easy to understand subcategories and definitely offer easier navigation.  Since site layout and optimization also applies to smart devices, think of customer activities when on the site. Your mobile data should help with this.

  1. Mobile App Optimization

Mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches and the trend is likely to continue. Any SEO expert knows that mobile apps are an essential part of the mobile user’s experience. 52 percent of time spent on digital media is taken up by mobile apps.

In the coming year, these apps must be optimized if customers are to be kept engaged in their digital experiences. Organizations should ensure that their mobile apps align with their corporate objectives and also promote the brand message.

Images and icons must be visually engaging yet simple enough to communicate without clutter.

  1. Changes in Link Building

Link building is expected to see some changes as Penguin releases its first major update since

  1. To prepare for these changes, have a look at your current link profile and take note of anomalies in the backlinks your page has.

Going forward brands are focusing on earning valuable backlinks which will earn the page a positive impact. These are links from reputable websites and much as getting them may take more work, it is worth it.